Revisiting the Blueprint

Blueprint Midtown III (in process)

Midtown continues to evolve, and to keep pace with each development cycle and remain committed to our vision, so too must our planning tools. Midtown Alliance continues to update the community-designed master plan, Blueprint Midtown, a living document that guides Midtown’s growth. After extensive change over the last 15 years, it is time to recalibrate the plan and reenergize the community around a long-range vision for Midtown’s build-out as the Southeast’s premier urban district. 

Our vision remains consistent – a livable, walkable district in the heart of Atlanta; a place where people, business and culture converge to create a live-work-play community with a distinct personality and a premium quality of life. In this version of Blueprint Midtown, there is an even greater emphasis on quality environments that are accessible, diverse, experiential, and sustainable. 

Click here for an early preview of Blueprint Midtown and stay tuned for the final plan.  


Bringing a Blueprint to Life  

Blueprint Midtown I

Blueprint Midtown was a nationally regarded community planning process spearheaded by Midtown Alliance beginning in 1997. What sets Blueprint Midtown apart from so many planning processes is the fact that it got implemented. Big time. The Blueprint stimulated dramatic changes to Midtown by providing a framework and catalyst for new housing, desirable office space, transportation improvements, public safety initiatives, environmental clean-up, and a pedestrian-friendly streetscape program.

Thousands of citizens and businesses were involved in the process, and the results of the Blueprint Midtown process have been nothing short of astounding.  They include::

  • The single largest rezoning in the City’s history.
  • More than $4.5B of new investment since 1997, including 6.2M sq ft of office, more than 7,600 residential units, 656k square feet of retail, and over 1,300 hotel rooms, etc.

  • Momentum that continues today, with substantial new development activity

  • The creation of the Midtown Improvement District (MID). Funded by voluntary assessments of commercial property owners.  To date, with contributions from the MID and public and private grants, more than $100M has been raised to continue to build-out the Blueprint.

Blueprint Midtown II

After six years of accomplishments, Midtown Alliance spearheaded a community effort to refine the Blueprint Vision and define the next steps of planning for Midtown’s future. In 2003, led by co-chairs Harald Hansen and Dan DuPree of Cousins Properties, Blueprint Midtown II focused on planning for additional retail, transit and parks.