Citylight 6 Feeds

The feeds you see here are "live" feeds against the Citylight Content Management System (CMS).

Note: the .pxp extension just indicates on our system that the XML was generated "live" by PHP.

The two primary types of structured data are "points" and "events."

Working with Points

"Points" are places of interest, for example a venue or business.

You can pull a feed of all active points like this:

Included in the feed is the unique ID# for each point. You can get the complete information about a point with this feed (199=fox theatre):

What's Nearby?

You can find points near a specific latitude and longitude like this (the 10 nearest points to a user at Arts Center Marta):

Filtering Points by Tags

Often it is useful to filter the points by a tagged group, such as "dining" or "hotels". Here's a list of the primary tags:

To filter the list of points by some tag, append the filter id to the list query above, like this (50=nightlife):

Working with Events

Citylight is also used to store "events" for the calendar.

You can filter events to a specific venue by passing the pid of the venue's point like this (199=fox theatre):

You can see a particular event's detail by passing the parent event id (NOT the occurrence id) like this (2597=BonnieRaitt):