Transportation Project Ideas Raise Bar on Walkability, Safety, Vibrancy and Choices

In our year-long effort to develop the most comprehensive - and actionable - transportation plan in Midtown’s history, more than 150 different project ideas made it onto the drawing board to improve Midtown’s transportation network.

Recently, Midtown residents and workers came together at the Georgian Terrace Hotel for a special community event offering a preview of projects that can propel the district forward as a more walkable, safer, multi-modal and more vibrant district. Watch a video replay of the presentation, summarizing what we learned and topline recommendations for short-term, mid-range and long-term projects.







"The timing for this work, which began a year ago, matches up extremely well with recent announcements from the City of Atlanta and MARTA on proposed transportation funding mechanisms that will be considered by voters this November," said Midtown Alliance CEO Kevin Green. Several projects outlined in the Midtown Transportation Plan are included in the referenda project lists recently released by the City and MARTA.

Thanks to our steering committee members and partners for their involvement in guiding this work. And thanks to the 1,000+ Midtown residents and workers who informed transportation priorities through their comments. What can you do to stay involved?

  1. Watch for more information from Midtown Alliance later this fall that breaks down priorities and projects.

  2. Learn about both the City of Atlanta and MARTA half-penny voter referenda that include potential funding avenues for several Midtown transportation projects outlined in our plan.

  3. If you are a City of Atlanta resident, get to the polls on November 8 to participate in the transportation referenda.

More than $6M of improvements to be delivered by the end of 2016 that positively impact your Midtown transportation experience.

Work continues on several public improvement projects throughout the District that are nearing completion, including enhancements to the Peachtree Street bridges at the North and South ends of the District and more than 1/2 mile of new sidewalk enhancements along Peachtree Street near Emory University Hospital. Present in both of these projects are enhancements that add to walkability and safer crossings. Read more about Midtown Alliance capital projects.