Midtown EcoDistrict Luminaries FAQs

For residential buildings, is there a minimum # of units my building must have to qualify?

Yes.  Residential buildings must have at least 12 units to qualify for the program. 

Do you charge a fee to apply for this program?

We do not charge a fee at this time.

Will you verify our checklist items?

This program is based on the honor system; however, we reserve the right to verify your responses.

Will Midtown Alliance share our information publicly?

We will not share individual participant’s information unless we are given written permission to do so.  Data obtained from checklists will only be presented in aggregate form to show the combined impact that participants have.

How long does my Luminaries recognition last?

The Luminaries Program recognition is good for one year.  Participants should update and resubmit their checklist each year to continue receiving recognition.

What if my application fits into multiple categories?

You can apply in either category.

Does my business or building need to be located within the commercial core of Midtown to apply?

No.  We will accept applications from businesses and buildings outside of the core of Midtown.