Sustainability Snapshot

Sustainability Snapshot is a new series of case studies highlighting the work of buildings and workplaces to promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the Midtown EcoDistrict. The series will offer tips and links to tools for how your workplace, building, or organization can contribute to the EcoDistrict and how Midtown Alliance and partner organizations can help. 

Check out our first case study on the Federal Reserve Bank, and stay tuned for additional case studies in the future.

What started as a grassroots effort in 2008 has turned into a program that generates over $500,000 in annual savings on operating expenses. Watch the short video to learn more about the Federal Reserve Bank’s sustainability and building efficiency program. Use this case study to consider how you or your building can reduce costs and contribute to a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable Atlanta.



Keys to Success

Achieve buy-in at the highest levels of the organization.

“It started as a grassroots effort in 2008 with a small group of staff garnering support from our senior management…and they quickly realized we could achieve a lot of operational efficiency and cost savings.” – Leah Davenport, Senior Vice President

Use data and metrics to determine baselines, set goals, and measure performance.

“Our building management system software provides real-time data on energy consumption and costs…so we can make decisions on how to optimize the performance of our building.” - Dan Carney, Manager, Sustainability and Building Analytics

Make it easy to participate and communicate success throughout the organization.

“We publish a quarterly sustainability dashboard to communicate success and inform staff how we are doing against sustainability metrics” – Dan Carney

Leverage external programs such as the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge to benchmark efforts and learn from other buildings.

“The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge allows us to benchmark our efforts and learn about other buildings’ key initiatives to drive down energy and water consumption.” - Dan Carney

Leverage successes for further investment.

“Start with something simple and straightforward, like a lighting project, look at the payback from those projects…and take incremental steps to improve your sustainability program.” – Dan Carney


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