Bike Midtown: Commute Makeover

Are you someone who hasn't tried biking to work but has always wanted to try? Have you tried to bike commute a few times but run into some challenges? Tell us a bit about yourself and you could win a bike commute makeover! We'll choose one lucky commuter and provide gear, route help, education, and more!

We're looking for someone eager to try something new, who is willing to document the process and share their story with the Midtown community. It would be great if you have a smartphone or another way of recording videos at home, and if you're open to meeting a videographer at a physical distance for some bike filming.

**Note, it doesn’t matter when you are going back to work IRL, we will get you biking for essential trips now and transition to commuting later**

Fill out the survey below by August 31, 2020 to be considered.