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Atlanta's One-Year Scooter-versary: The City of Atlanta

The City Policymaker's Perspective

Published 5/2/19

Regulations passed in January by Atlanta City Council, which instituted rules about where people are allowed to ride and where scooters should be parked, have helped eliminate some ambiguity.

But more work remains to educate riders. The city recently launched its “Scoot Smart” campaign to demonstrate scooter dos and don’ts. This YouTube video featuring Commissioner of Planning Tim Keane asks riders not to ride on sidewalks, park in walkways, disobey traffic laws or tip scooters over:

Starting this spring and summer, the City of Atlanta will introduce a pilot program to create designated parking zones for shareable scooters and e-bikes that “corral” the devices in locations that are safe and convenient for the public.

City data for March shows an average of 11,534 rides per day on dockless scooters and bikes.



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