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Atlanta's One-Year Scooter-versary: BIRD

The Industry Disruptor's Perspective

Published 5/2/19

Credit: Lauren Holley, @graphiknation

As they continue expanding, scooter companies are learning how to build relationships in the neighborhoods they serve. A Bird spokesperson offered this statement:

"In the time that Bird has been available in Midtown Atlanta, we have been thrilled to see locals replace short car trips with Bird rides. We are so grateful for the support we continue to receive from Atlanta riders and chargers, and we look forward to continuing to support the Midtown Atlanta community with our service well into the future."

Bird recently released its own comprehensive study examining e-scooter safety. Looking at Bird’s own data and information published by third parties, the report offers suggestions about how to make streets safer for everyone.

At an Atlanta City Council meeting last fall, a representative for Bird stated Atlanta was the operator’s 2nd largest market behind only San Diego.