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Atlanta's One-Year Scooter-versary: PEDS

The Pedestrian Advocate's Perspective

Published 5/2/19

PEDS, the Atlanta-based advocacy organization committed to making streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians, is also doing what it can to keep dockless scooters and bikes from obstructing sidewalks. 

“Scooters have changed the walking environment in some very negative ways,” said PEDS President and CEO Sally Flocks. “It is a hazard for people with disabilities. And they’re an eyesore.”

PEDS just launched its Clear the Clutter tool, which allows people to report scooters parked improperly, double riders and other violations by snapping photos and uploading them on the PEDS website or through the “WeDemandBetter” app. PEDS has collected thousands of photos of “scooters behaving badly” to submit to Atlanta officials and dockless operators for resolution. 

Flocks wants the operators to improve their technology so it’s not possible for riders to park devices in the public right-of-way. She also recognizes that City and State transportation agencies need to provide safer lanes to incentivize riders to get off the sidewalk. 

“We need road diets, and we need to convert lanes for a combination of bicycles, scooters and whatever devices come along,” Flocks said. “That’s something the city and the state need to move forward on.”

There have been more than 2,500 parking complaints and impounds within City limits since data collection started.