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By the Numbers: Midtown DRC 2020 Highlights

The committee reviewed 11 real estate projects this year, mostly in a virtual format.

Published: 12/09/20


The past year has been full of uncertainty for every industry, and real estate is no exception. But the number of presentations to the Midtown Development Review Committee over the past 12 months prove developers are still bullish on the district. 

Since January, 11 projects were presented to the DRC during in-person or virtual DRC meetings. Seven were for new development projects, and four were for renovations or more minor developments. 

These included: 

  • 1,905 residential units
  • 100K square feet of retail space
  • 375 new hotel keys
  • 1.29M square feet of office space

The largest proposal this year came from Portman Holdings, which proposed a three-tower development surrounding the historic H.M. Patterson & Son-Spring Hill Mortuary building and garden. The project includes the most office square footage of any project this year, the second largest residential proposal and the only hotel component of any project presented to the DRC in 2020. 

Tenth Street Ventures proposed what could be the most unique project this year: a combination of 40 micro units and parking structure at 13th Street and Crescent Avenue distributed in a colorful grid of  converted  shipping containers. 

The DRC has meet virtually since Spring, and virtual meetings have proved to be popular with both presenters and the public. Although in-person DRC meetings were always open for observers, virtual meetings have seen some of our largest audiences yet, with some meetings drawing dozens of people interested in the projects.

We moved our DRC meetings to a virtual format beginning in April without many difficulties or hiccups. It was successful transition based on the willingness of the development community and the public’s interest in observing,” said Karl Smith-Davids, Senior Project Manager of Urban Design at Midtown Alliance. “It was as seamless as we could hope for.” 

Since 2011, the DRC has reviewed a total of 172 projects, including:

  • 16,500 residential units
  • 940K square feet of retail space
  • 1,780 hotel rooms
  • 5.37M square feet of office space

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