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Coming Up: Public Meeting to be Held for West Peachtree and Spring ‘Complete Street’ Projects

Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta recently kicked-off the initial design phase of the projects that will bring upgrades and improvements to sidewalks, crosswalks, bike facilities and more.

Published 02/07/19

Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta recently kicked-off the initial design phase of “complete street” projects for Spring and West Peachtree streets and will host a public meeting scheduled for February 20, from 5-7 p.m. at The Garage at Tech Square.

The initial design phase is expected to continue over the next eight months, so now is a great time for residents and stakeholders to weigh in on the projects, according to Midtown Alliance Director of Transportation Dan Hourigan.

“As development in the area continues to boom, we need to make sure our transportation infrastructure keeps up with the increasing demand for safe places to walk, bike, and ride scooters,” said Hourigan.

The projects are intended to work in tandem with Spring Street providing a southbound protected bike lane and West Peachtree providing the northbound protected bike lane. Together, both projects will address safety and accessibility concerns and include sidewalk improvements, ADA upgrades, safe crossings and more.

In fact, the areas along Spring and West Peachtree streets are some of the fastest growing in the Midtown district. Since 2010, nearly half of all private construction or renovation projects delivered in Midtown are located on either West Peachtree or Spring. These crucial corridors account for 43 percent of all residential units and over 90 percent of all office space planned or under construction in Midtown. More than half of all retail space planned or under construction is also along West Peachtree Street and Spring Street.

The impetus for “complete street” projects like the ones planned for the West Peachtree and Spring Street corridors comes from the Midtown Transportation Plan where the community ranked safety as the number one priority. The current designs for these corridors encourage excessive speeds for vehicles while lacking safe bike facilities and pedestrian crossings.

The Spring Street project will extend from 17th Street at the north end to North Avenue at the south. The West Peachtree Street project will include the portion between the north and south intersections with Peachtree Street.

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These projects would create the north-south spine of a safe and connected bicycle lane network that links to six existing east-west bike facilities in the Midtown and Downtown districts.

To get involved, RSVP to attend the public meeting and or leave comments by visiting the project page here.

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