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Commuter Spotlight: A Smart Commute Convert

Catching Up With One of Midtown's Go Car-Lite Champions!

Published: 6/13/18


Meet Bernie, a Midtown commuter living in Gwinnett County and working in Midtown, a 90-mile roundtrip commute from her home. Depending on traffic, Bernie used to spend an hour to an hour and 45 minutes getting to or from the office each day, adding up to two to three and half total hours in the car each day. From spending more time in the car to spending more money filling up her car, Bernie believed a new commute option would solve her commuting woes. Enter Xpress & MARTA for the one-two punch that's helping her reclaim time and money.

Bernie was one of Midtown Transportation's five Go Car-Lite champions last year, trading in her keys for a more car-lite lifestyle. Bernie says since trying a new commute option, she has greater peace of mind.



We recently checked-in with Bernie to see how her new commute has been treating her. 

"Being able to get home earlier rather than waiting for traffic to die down has added time back to my day," says Bernie. "And with that extra time, I can have dinner with my family and get some evening exercise."

What's event better in Bernie's mind? The savings. 

Bernie says, "I was spending $150 a month just on toll roads - so that didn't even include filling up on gas twice a week, which was an extra $35-40 each time. Now I can go an entire week without filling up."

With the extra savings, Bernie has a standing move and dinner date with her husband twice a month. And with less stress, Bernie enjoys getting to work unrushed and taking the time to enjoy her coffee before starting the day. 

"Ultimately, a new commute option has created a lifestyle change for me," she says. "I'm much more efficient with my time."

Ready for a lifestyle change? Find a smarter commute today: MitownATL.com/MT

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