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Commuter Spotlight: Cyndi Rides the Bus to Save Time and Relax

“You don’t have to worry — all you do is sit back and ride"

Published: 10/16/18

Cyndi Flanagan is a mother, grandmother, and scuba diver who works for Owens & Minor at Emory Hospital in Midtown. She lives is Braselton, northeast of Atlanta, and has recently begun commuting to work in Midtown via the GCT Bus 101. 

While an advocate of public transportation, Cyndi had not used it since her move some five years ago. After hearing she might qualify for a free week of commuting through Midtown’s Try Transit program, she decided it was time to get back in the saddle (and out of her stressful commute).

For Cyndi, taking the bus means convenience and eliminating stress. “You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to park, you don’t have to worry about the person on their cell phone that’s cutting you off in traffic, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have your parking pass,” Cyndi said. “All you do is sit back and ride on the bus.” Getting out from behind the wheel means Cyndi is able to enjoy the bus’s free wifi and focus on what she wants to accomplish that day. “I find it very relaxing—not at all stressful,” she said.

Being a busser — a way of life

While still relatively new to her bus commute, Cyndi has settled into her new commute and has advice to share with others who are considering the bus.

The best way to figure out the bus? “Talk to the people who ride the bus and they will explain to you where to go, what to do, and the ins and outs of doing it,” says Cyndi, who now proudly calls herself a “busser.”

As we’ve heard from other commuters before, Cyndi’s most crucial advice is to try it just once. She guarantees you’ll never go back once you see “how convenient it is and how easy it is to do it.” Cyndi has already converted two of her coworkers to the “busser” life!

Safety and ease

One element that makes Cyndi feel confident in her commute is being a member of the Guaranteed Ride Home program through Georgia Commute Options. Through this program, Cyndi is able to access five free rides home each year in case of an emergency. Though she hasn’t needed to use it in years, she signs up for it each year and appreciates that the option is there in the case that she isn’t able to take her normal bus ride home.

For Cyndi, the benefits of taking the bus range from saving money on gas to getting to know her fellow commuters. She has more time to do things she loves—scuba diving, riding a motorcycle, and spending time with her family. Taking public transportation, she said, “is just so much easier.”

What is Try Transit?

Try Transit is a week-long initiative in September encouraging commuters to try one of the many transit options around the metro area. In 2018, Midtown Alliance distributed 384 transit passes and created 205 route plans for new commuters. Midtown Alliance distributed 241 MARTA passes, 112 Xpress passes, 5 GCT passes, and 26 CCT passes.

There's another chance to Try Transit like Cyndi! Learn about Try Transit II: Super Bowl Edition and register before January 22.

For those of you who already commute, the Guaranteed Ride Home program is available through Georgia Commute Options. Through the program, you can receive up to 5 free rides home from work if an unexpected event occurs. Current commuters via transit, carpools, vanpools, and bike are eligible.

Midtown Alliance also offers route planning services year-round for Midtown commuters. Get your free, personalized route plan here.

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