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Commuter Spotlight: Jordan Rides a Motorized Skateboard to Work, Having Fun and Turning Heads

“Your world will turn upside down when you don’t start your day with that built-up stress."

Published: 11/13/18

When Jordan Rosenbaum made the switch from the hotel operations industry to his new job at WeWork last year, he knew he wanted to switch up his commute to add to an overall renewed sense of work-life balance.

Jordan had always dreamed of ditching his car commute. “I’m sure the whole city will agree,” he said. “There are so many frustrations with getting to and from work by car.”

After initially buying a OneWheel—a brand of motorized skateboard—as a toy, Jordan quickly realized it could change up his commute experience.

A very alternative commute

Riding the OneWheel to WeWork in Midtown from his apartment near the Beltline in Old Fourth Ward, Jordan’s daily commute is a dependable 15 minutes, and he no longer has to put up with the ever-changing commute times that result from driving.

“Now, I walk into work every day with a huge smile. I’m in a very happy place when I get into work,” he said. To Jordan, riding the OneWheel is a way to combine fun and the joy of being outside with a practical commute, and he likens the ride to snowboarding.

Jordan said he receives varied reactions from passersby: from pointed fingers and confused looks, to nods of approval.

The value of being out of the car

Though the OneWheel provides an efficient and fun commute, it can also leave the rider vulnerable to the elements. Like those who commute via bicycle, Jordan knows how important it is to be prepared to a change of weather. “I have weatherproof gear,” he said, mentioning the plastic cover he puts over his backpack in the rain and the snowboarding gear he wears over his work clothes in the winter.

Jordan uses his newfound time— an extra 30 minutes— to go to the gym in the mornings. He prides himself on being punctual and is glad that his commute mode allows him to avoid the unpredictability of morning traffic.

“It’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” he said. “Your world will turn upside down when you don’t start your day with all that built-up stress and anxiety,” Jordan added.

Other creative options

You don't need a OneWheel to switch up your commute. Consider riding a bike to work on Midtown's five miles of connected bike infrastructure. Don't own a bike? There are over 500 Relay bike share bicycles located at hubs in Midtown and throughout Atlanta. Or try one of the many motorized scooters found all over Midtown that provide a similar potential for last mile connectivity for commuters. 

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