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Commuter Spotlight: Piyush Finds Balance in his Walk to Work

“My commute is faster, cheaper, and environment-friendly," says Piyush

Published: 9/24/19
Piyush Jain can walk or ride MARTA to work, depending on the weather and his needs for the day.


Piyush Jain has a Midtown lifestyle: he lives, works and plays here. As a structural engineer who lives near the Fox Theatre and works at Uzun + Case near the High Museum, he finds balance and exercise on his daily commute which involves a 25 minute walk through the district. 

A great start to the day

Right before 8 a.m., he steps outside, pops in his headphones and enjoys a familiar sunrise walk up Peachtree Street through Midtown ⁠— past coffee shops and bakeries opening up for the day, by residents taking their dogs out for a morning walk, and alongside other walking commuters.

“I see the same people many mornings,” said Piyush. “They’re doing the same thing I’m doing.”

While walking, he will play a variety of styles of music, depending on his mood and the weather. It ranges from Bollywood to rock, from EDM to romantic. And sometimes he’ll keep the headphones in his bag and simply listen to the sound of everything happening around him.

The walk to work brings surprises to Piyush’s day. On Halloween, he greeted a child dressed as Batman. Recently, he saw a man wearing headphones “dancing his heart out.”

“Things like that make me smile, and make me realize the walk is very important to me,” said Piyush.

And as opposed to driving, the walking commute provides consistent exercise, an important factor in the life of an engineer.

“Even if I get stuck at work late at night, at least I get my minimum exercise walking two and a half miles each day.”

It provides balance in a different way, too. Piyush says he often makes calls to family and friends during the walk to and from work.

“It helps me feel reconnected to everyone and thus gain more mental peace,” said Piyush. 

The practical option

Piyush has been enjoying this walking commute for about a year, ever since he started his job in Midtown. And it’s flexible: because both his home and work are near MARTA stations, he is able to ride the MARTA for a slightly quicker commute if the weather’s bad or he’s in a rush.

“Rain is a very big factor in deciding my commute,” said Piyush. “If it rains heavily, I have to take another form of transport.”

Piyush doesn’t have a car anymore, and he says he doesn’t need one. 

“I get my exercise and I do not create pollution by using a personal vehicle,” said Piyush. “My commute is faster, cheaper, and environment-friendly.”

And for Midtown residents who don’t want to walk a mile to work? Piyush recommends taking micro-mobility options, like a dockless scooter. 

“They’re a great invention for Midtown. They’re a good alternative if you’re running late, and they’re fun too.”

Do you have a clean commute that you want to tell the world about? We want to hear it.

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