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COVID-19 Brings Changes to Regional Transit

What you need to know in order to get to your destination efficiently and safely on transit

Published: 7/1/2020

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If you're headed to the office and taking transit to get there, you'll notice some things have changed. Here is what you need to know in order to get to your destination efficiently and safely while respecting guidelines: 

Ride Smarter 

So, you’re going to ride transit to work. Before you even leave your house, a great place to start is by washing your hands and putting on a cloth facemask. Keep the mask on for the duration of your time in public, and wash your hands immediately once you reach your destination. Try to touch as few surfaces as possible within the station or vehicle—it’s a good idea to bring hand sanitizer with you so you can disinfect as soon as you leave your station or bus. Make sure, while you’re out on transit, that you do not touch your face (who knew it would be so hard!), in additional to normal hygienic behavior like coughing into your elbow. Social distancing is one crucial method to prevent the spread of the virus. One way to increase the likelihood of being able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others is to ride the train or bus at non-peak hours when there are fewer riders. If you are commuting into work, ask your supervisor about options for a flexible schedule so that you can avoid large crowds during peak periods. For more specific transit-riding tips, visit the CDC website

Transit Provider Regulations 

MARTA is currently requiring riders to wear masks or cloth face covering on buses and trains. MARTA has posted signs encouraging riders to keep 6 feet of distance and has adjusted its bus schedules to allow for distancing inside vehicles. MARTA encourages riders not to enter buses that are too full, and has issued a number for riders to call to add another bus to the route if they cannot board a bus because it’s too crowded: dial 404-848-5000, select option 1, then option 1 again. On buses, riders enter and exit using rear doors and should not use the fare box near the driver. Look out for marked seats and do your best to keep distance from other passengers. MARTA updates its website with service modifications here

Xpress is limiting the number of riders on each bus to twenty-six (26) in order to facilitate social distancing.  Xpress fares are currently suspended until August 3, and you can check for more updates here or on the myXpress app

Fare for CobbLinc buses is currently suspended, though you should check CobbLinc's website or app for updates. Adjustments to service have been made in order to more easily facilitate social distancing. CobbLinc encourages riders to wear cloth face coverings. 

Gwinnett Country Transit is running its buses on a reduced schedule and encourages its riders to wear face coverings. To accommodate social distancing, the transit agency is allowing 14 riders per bus. Fare for GCT commuter buses is currently suspended, but keep checking GCT’s website for updates. 

For more transit guidance and continued service updates, click here. Follow @MidtownMobility on Twitter for breaking transit updates. 

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