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December 2020 DRC Recap: Lord Aeck Sargent Presents Renovation Project for 1280 West Peachtree

Exterior refresh includes modification of roofing and façades, new painting and lighting and other minor upgrades.

Published: 12/09/20

The DRC concluded 2020 with a presentation by Lord Aeck Sargent on proposed improvements to 1280 West, a 40-story condo tower on 16th Street between West Peachtree and Spring Street. The Homeowner’s Association seeks to update the post-modern building with an exterior “refresh” that includes modifying the building façades and roofing to accentuate the verticality of the tower and to address deferred maintenance items. The current scope is limited primarily to new painting and lighting among other minor updates to bring the circa 1989 building up to date with its neighbors. 


DRC Recommendations

The DRC was supportive of the proposed enhancements. Its recommendations included:

  • Considering additional improvements that would benefit the street level facades and provide important upgrades to the pedestrian environment surrounding the property. 
  • Making landscape and circulation improvements to create safer accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles. Emphasis on the Spring Street frontage focused on the need to create a continuous, consistent path for foot traffic and to ensure ADA accessibility. Midtown Alliance staff offered to facilitate a conversation with GDOT to explore the feasibility of moving the curb and eliminating the accel/decel lane.  The design team was open to this feedback and plans to move ahead with initial permitting on the façade enhancements.    

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