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5-Week Event Challenges Residents + Workers to Discover Midtown’s Transportation Network

Thanks to regionally-connected transit options, miles of bike lanes and tree-lined sidewalks, and real-time travel info inside building lobbies and on mobile devices, driving less in Midtown Atlanta has never been easier. To encourage drive-alone commuters in Midtown to sample more of the options surrounding them, Midtown Transportation – a program of Midtown Alliance – is challenging residents and workers to Go Car-Lite.  

Over five weeks from September 5 through October 6, Go Car-Lite will follow the experiences of five select participants as they execute their daily routines without the aid of their personal cars. To assist them, Midtown Alliance is providing an all-expenses-paid Mobility Toolkit sponsored by MARTA, GRTA Xpress, Relay Bike Share, Zipcar, and Lyft.

“Go Car-Lite is an important way for Midtown to highlight the myriad of mobility options available, including things like cost and convenience,” said Dan Hourigan, Midtown Alliance Director of Transportation & Sustainability.

Making the Case for a Car-Lite Lifestyle

Midtown Atlanta currently boasts one of the most integrated and comprehensive transportation networks in the Atlanta region. With 96% of office buildings located within a 6-minute walk from a MARTA station, 11 Relay Bike Share stations, local bus service, 38 regional commuter bus routes, and 40 + miles of linear sidewalk in the district, Midtown has a lot to offer.

Common wisdom says it takes a solid month to form a new habit that will stick.  And the benefits of going “car-lite” can be numerous, from reclaiming time lost behind the wheel to saving money on gas and car expenses, and connecting with their community.

“Most people think that giving up your car is all about sacrifice,” said Hourigan. “While there are definitely trade-offs, we believe this campaign will show drive-alone commuters how rewarding making the switch can be.”

Follow the journey on Midtown Alliance’s website and social media channels.

Watch the participants experience new travel options and decide for yourself whether you could Go Car-Lite. Follow Midtown Alliance’s web video miniseries, blog post updates and more on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and use the hashtag #GoCarLite to join the conversation.

Thank you to our sponsors  

We appreciate the financial commitment from leaders at MARTA, GRTA Xpress, Lyft, Zipcar, and Relay Bike Share to stock our Mobility Toolkit and spread the word about going Car-Lite in Midtown.

Ready to Go Car-Lite?

Application period ends August 20, 2017. Participants will be announced August 25 and the challenge begins right after Labor Day on September 5. For rules, details, and where to apply, click the link below. Participants will be announced August 25th.

Learn More: MidtownATL.com/GoCarLite