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Installation of New Midtown MARTA Station Mural Begins this Week

Get a sneak peek of the new mural design by local artist Andrew Catanese

Published: 5/2/18

Each year, nearly 1.9 million people pass through the Midtown MARTA station on their daily commute to work or for weekend exploring. For the next month, among the crowd of people you can expect to see at the Midtown Station will be local artist Andrew Catanese, the finalist for the new mural installation on the south plaza, as painting begins this week.

Chosen for his lush natural imagery and narrative with mythological characters, Catanese will activate the building with color and delight.

Curious about what the mural will look like? Check out a sneak peek:

Be There: Lunchtime Community Painting Session Scheduled for May 24th

In an effort to garner community engagement and share in the fun, Midtown Alliance will be hosting a lunchtime, drop-in, public painting session at the Midtown MARTA Station. For a limited time only, participants will have the opportunity to help Catanese paint a section of the mural and contribute to this placemaking initiative.

For those interested, this opportunity will be first come, first serve. Watch for more details closer to the event.  

Get to Know the Artist

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Catanese takes inspiration from stories read to him in his childhood and aims to capture the complexities of the South in his craft. After receiving his education from the Sam Fox School of Art & Design at Washington University in St. Louis, Catanese moved to Atlanta to continue exploring the possibilities of his artwork.  

Best recognized for “City in the Forest,” his contribution to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, Catanese currently is an artist-in-residence at the Goat Farm with the Creative Projects.

To learn more about Andrew Catanese and his work, visit AndrewCatanese.com.

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