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IN*MidtownATL Smartphone App Features Offer New Ways to Explore

Published: 6/7/18

So much has been invested in Midtown to make it one of the most walkable places in Atlanta. And Midtown Alliance is continuing to make exciting new connections that link together Midtown’s sidewalks and points of interest with mobile wayfinding technology, allowing people to discover more of the district’s special Offers, hidden gems, and what's coming next.

Since its initial launch 12 months ago, more than 3,000 users from Midtown Alliance member organizations have registered in the original version of Midtown Alliance's custom-designed IN*MidtownATL app, giving them access to 100+ special Offers and discounts that support local businesses. Now, the introduction of a brand new feature brings 100+ additional opportunities to learn about local public art, historic landmarks, and future buildings, plus much more - all powered by the latest enhancements to the IN*MidtownATL app. Check the app out here

New: “Discoveries” help you explore Midtown on foot.

Take the app for a spin on your iOS or Android device and here are a few things you can find:

  • Info on 30+ public art installations, some of which include short video interviews with the artists
  • Details and renderings for more than 20 new buildings that are under construction or proposed
  • Background on more than 30 historical points of interest that offer unique insight into Midtown’s colorful past
  • Plans, info and renderings detailing future public improvement projects, streetscapes, bike lanes, and other corridor enhancements
  • Plus, expanded search and filter options to find Offers in the district, as well as a larger map view that plots all Offers and Discoveries

“We appreciate the work of our innovation council partners and all the beta testers in the Midtown community that have helped us refine the project," said Midtown Alliance Director of Marketing and Communications Brian Carr. "Everyone is invited to get outside and explore more of Midtown on foot. The more you walk, the more you can discover.”

Made Especially for Midtown Residents, Workers, and Aficionados

According to Midtown Alliance’s 2016 Community Survey, half of respondents indicated they had lived or worked in Midtown less than five years. With so many newcomers - and more on the way - mobile technology stands out as a highly relevant tool to help people get to know their surroundings in a new way. The new Discoveries feature is available to everyone regardless of membership affiliation with Midtown Alliance, and users can preview the Offers section in “guest mode.” New Discoveries will be added throughout the year, with themes around Midtown Alliance's 40th anniversary, unique architecture, and other genres.

Project Inspired by Previous Collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company

Midtown Alliance originally worked with Coke on a mobile app collaboration that yielded new ways to think about the relationship between retail offers and a person’s physical location. This project inspired the development in 2017 of the IN*MidtownATL app, built by an all-female team of programmers and designers at a local firm. Read more about the project’s origins here.

Try the updated IN*MidtownATL app today.

Download for free on the Apple and Google stores. Note that legacy users will need to re-register and create a login with password when using the new version. And if you have ideas for additional discoveries or unique offers to add to the app, drop us a line here.

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