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Let’s Talk Midtown Recap: New Plazas, Enhanced Micromobility Network + Other Happenings

Get caught up with everything happening in the district.

Published: 08/04/22

More than 100 people who spend time in Midtown attended the district update on July 20 at The Starling Atlanta Midtown. If you missed our Let’s Talk Midtown event, get caught up below:

Video Replay:

Watch Midtown Alliance President and CEO Kevin Green’s presentation at Let’s Talk Midtown here (runtime: 46 mins):



Quick Highlights:

Development Momentum Continues: Since 2010, 40+ major development projects have opened their doors in Midtown. Nineteen projects are currently under construction, with seven more on the way.

  • Recently, Midtown Alliance unveiled a new and improved Midtown Owner’s Manual, which highlights best practices for new development projects and redevelopment projects. Read it here


New Plazas Make Their Debut: This summer, Midtown Alliance unveiled a public plaza at the corner of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Place that was created by trading a handful of on-street parking spots to create community space. We also completed parklets on Spring Street that repurposes parking spaces between Peachtree Place and 8th Street that were rendered inaccessible by the Spring Street Quick Build LIT Lane project. 

Next up: Art Walk - Phase 1, between 10th and 11th Streets; North Avenue MARTA Station Area Enhancements, 10th Street Park Enhancements.

2022 Midtown Community Survey Coming Soon: Help us prioritize public improvement projects and share your feedback on what’s working and what’s not in Midtown. Coming late-August 2022. We’re also seeking survey captains to help make this project a success. Sign up to be a building or office contact and help push survey participation among your neighbors and coworkers here.


Micro-mobility Projects Set to Kick Off 

  • Did you know? If we repurposed 8% of vehicle lanes in Midtown, we could create eight miles of safe bike and scooter facilities? (shown in darker green above).
  • What’s next: New traffic and pedestrian signals for various sites across the district. 


A rendering of possible future enhancements to the 17th Street Corridor.

Future Corridor Enhancements: Midtown Alliance is examining other corridors it can improve across Midtown, including 11th Street, which presents opportunities to add new tables and seating near Peachtree Street; 15th Street Corridor Enhancements; and 17th Street Corridor Enhancements, which could include the addition of new trees and greenery near the 17th Street Bridge. 

- In line with the Midtown Transportation Plan, we’re studying 10th Street and Peachtree Place as a preferred corridor to create a safe east/west connection for people walking and biking through the middle of the district. Read more about the Central Midtown Connection Plan here

The Latest on Public Safety:

  • Between 1990-2021, violent crime in the City of Atlanta fell 77 percent.
  • Property crime in the City of Atlanta between 1990-2021 is down 70 percent.
  • See our most recent public safety report here for more facts about crime trends in Midtown and the City of Atlanta.