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Advancing a Robust Multi-Modal Transportation Network in Midtown

With an eye toward an improved travel experience for all roadway users, projects seek to boost connectivity in Midtown.

January 8, 2018

Midtown's connected street grid and transit options provide the foundation for the development of a top tier transportation network. We've made great progress to date, but what’s next for Midtown’s transportation network? In a 1.2 square-mile district that moves tens of thousands of people each day, how can Midtown’s transportation network do even more, for more people? Just over a year ago Midtown Alliance put forth a comprehensive action plan to answer this question, powered by input from the community and guidance from our City, State and regional partners and national and local experts. The Midtown Transportation Plan prioritizes high-impact projects and strategies for a safe, accessible, multi-modal and vibrant transportation network. Many of the concepts that emerged from this effort were included in the City’s new Connect Atlanta Plan.

Among the slate of big transportation ideas that will shape Midtown for the next 20+ years, several are already underway today to make the transportation system perform even better. Here’s just a sampling of what’s currently moving forward for 2018. View updates on these and other projects here.

10th Street Bridge Area Enhancement >>>

Goal: Create a multi-modal gateway  across the Connector that is safe, attractive and functional for people traveling by car, bike and on foot. 

Improvements: Multi-modal enhancements to 10th Street between Techwood Drive on the west side of the bridge and Williams Street on the east side, as well as improvements on the southbound Techwood Drive ramps and northbound Williams Street. Check here to learn more and send us your input about the project.

Partners: $4.5M in funding secured to-date—including $2.1M from the City of Atlanta’s Renew Atlanta and T-SPLOST programs and $2.5M from the Midtown Improvement District

Timing: Midtown Alliance will collect and analyze remaining community input with Project Design and Detailed Engineering phase to begin later this year.  


15th Street Extension >>>

Goal: Reconnect a gap in Midtown’s street grid by building a new 15th St connection , between West Peachtree and Williams St creating connectivity, improved access and relieving traffic congestion on 14th Street. 

Improvements: Create new street with lanes for car travel in each direction plus full streetscaping with sidewalks, bicycle facilities, lighting and trees. 

Partners: To date, construction funding has been secured thanks to commitments from the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the City of Atlanta, the Midtown Improvement District and private partners

Timing: Design and Engineering underway. Anticipated to break ground in 2020.

Improvements to five Peachtree Street Intersections >>>

Midtown Alliance has designed and is currently awaiting permits for $1M+ in enhancements and repairs to pedestrian and vehicular facilities at the intersections of Peachtree Street:

  • 14th Street:  full milling, repaving and restriping of intersection; sidewalk repairs; ADA ramp upgrades; and installation of red thermoplastic crosswalks.  Construction is projected to begin in early 2018.
  • 15th Street:  full milling, repaving and restriping of intersection; installation of red thermoplastic crosswalks; and sidewalk and ADA ramp repairs.  Construction projected to begin in early 2018.
  • Peachtree Circle:  ADA upgrades and conversion of existing traffic signals to mast arms.  Construction projected to begin in mid-2018.
  • Buford-Spring Connector:  ADA upgrades and conversion of existing traffic signals to mast arms at on/off ramp.  Construction projected in mid-2018.
  • Deering Road:  convert traffic to mast arm signals and improve intersection with red thermoplastic crosswalk, ADA ramps, matching bridge fencing, lighting, and gateway landscaping.  Construction projected in early 2018 upon completion of Peachtree North Bridge Enhancement project.

Juniper Streetscape >>>

Goal: Create a signature “green street” along Juniper Street from 14th Street to Ponce de Leon Avenue. 

Improvements: A separated, southbound bicycle lane, MARTA bus stops, more on-street parking, and stormwater planters in addition to Midtown’s standard sidewalk, lighting, and landscape improvements. 

Partners: With construction funding from the Federal Transit Administration, a SRTA/GTIB grant, City developer impact fees, and Midtown Improvement District funds, Midtown Alliance will implement an $8.2M transformation of Juniper Street. 

Timing: Pending federal approvals, construction is targeted to begin late-Summer 2018 with an estimated duration of 18-24 months.

Midtown Pedestrian Mobility & Safety
Improvements (Last Mile Intersections) Project >>>

Goal: Enhance connectivity and safety for people, including those accessing MARTA rail stations and regional and local bus stops, by restriping numerous intersections within the Midtown core and to increase the visibility of pedestrian crossings.

Improvements: The City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance have been awarded funding to install new traffic signals and enhance pedestrian crossings at multiple Midtown intersections. 

Partners: This $1.7 Million project is being funded by a Federal Transit Administration grant and Atlanta Regional Commission’s Last Mile Connectivity program as well as the Midtown Improvement District. 
Timing: Design is underway, including warrant studies for the proposed new signals. Design and engineering to continue through 2018 with construction in 2019.

Piedmont Avenue Complete Street Project >>>

Goal: Multi-modal enhancements on approximately 1.1 miles of Piedmont Avenue between Ponce De Leon and 15th Street.

Improvements: The City of Atlanta’s Renew Atlanta/T-SPLOST program, in partnership with Midtown Alliance, identified Piedmont Avenue for improvements in the City’s Connect Atlanta Plan as a “complete street” project. The corridor was prioritized in the 2015 Renew Atlanta Bond, as well as the Midtown Transportation Plan. Stay tuned for updates here.

Partners: Midtown Alliance is currently working with the City of Atlanta to secure construction funding.

Timing: Detailed engineering and design work kicked-off at the end of 2017, and the current estimated construction time frame is Spring 2019 through Winter 2020.

Spring Street Pedestrian Mobility &
Safety Improvement Project >>>

Goal: Make the northernmost section of Spring Street between Peachtree Street and 17th Street safer and more navigable for people walking and biking along this major southbound corridor in Midtown.

Improvements: The project will re-purpose one southbound lane on Spring Street to accommodate wider sidewalks, ADA upgrades, street trees, pedestrian lighting, and bicycle facilities.

Partners: The $2.9M project is being funded by the Midtown Improvement District and $1.9M in grant funding from the Federal Transit Administration and ARC’s Last Mile Connectivity Program.

Timing: Design and Engineering will continue through 2018, with construction projected to begin in 2019.

Two-way Conversions of 3rd, 4th, and 13th Streets >>>

Initial engineering assessments were completed in 2016. Warrant studies for new traffic signals are completed and have been reviewed by the City of Atlanta. The Midtown Improvement District has allocated over $1M to the project. Work planned in 2018 includes more detailed engineering, design of new traffic signals, documentation for permit, and identification and securing additional construction funds to implement one-way to two-way traffic conversions in the following corridors:

  • 3rd Street, between Spring Street and West Peachtree Street and between Peachtree Street and Juniper Street.
  • 4th Street between Spring Street and Myrtle Streets.
  • 13th Street between Juniper Street and Piedmont Avenue.

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