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Midtown Green Gears Up For Warmer Weather

From landscaping to graffiti removal, Midtown Green works each day to keep Midtown clean and inviting.

Published: 2/23/18

With Spring just around the corner, Midtown Green—Midtown Alliance’s maintenance and landscaping team—is in full-on prep mode for seasonal plantings. The lineup this Spring includes over 3,000 SF of petunias, periwinkle, pentas, sunflowers, moss roses, caladium and more—all low-water plants perfect for Midtown’s urban environment. In total, Midtown Green will landscape, plant, water and mow 30,000 SF of medians, parks, and plazas.

Going the Extra Mile is All in a Day’s Work

Each day Midtown Green’s full-time 13-person operation provides constant care and attention to keep Midtown clean and inviting. In addition to landscaping and seasonal plantings, daily services from Midtown Green amounts to:

  • Year-round maintenance and care for 2,200 street trees planted throughout the district.

  • 200 light poles painted annually.

  • 4,000+ instances of graffiti and stickers removed annually.

  • 700,000 pounds of debris picked up district-wide.

  • 22 linear miles of pressure washed sidewalks annually.

  • Installation, repairs, painting and replacements of benches and trash and recycling cans throughout the year.

  • Working proactively with the City of Atlanta to track and repair damaged sidewalks, potholes and traffic signs, storm drains, street lights, utility installation, water main breaks and more.

See this page of our 2017 progress report for more on Midtown Green’s programmatic impact.

Midtown Green has expanded to a 7-day work week and added 3 staff members to provide maintenance support on nights and weekends.

“We sweat the details because we know it contributes to an attractive and safer Midtown,” said Midtown Green Project Manager Kyle Guess. “When people see that we take care of Midtown, they are encouraged to take care of it, too.”

Pick Up. Pitch In.

You can do your part in keeping Midtown clean and green.

“If you see some litter on the sidewalk, pick it up and recycle or throw it away,” encouraged Guess. “It’s the little things that help keep the experience in Midtown enjoyable for everyone.”

Property owners and property managers can also participate in our Tree Well Adoption Program, an opportunity to identify and maintain tree wells near your property. “The program’s goal is to enhance the quality of the public realm,” said program manager Thomas Wynn. “An easy, sustainable way of accomplishing this is by taking care of our tree wells.”

To date, 287 tree wells have been adopted, of which more than 30 were claimed and fenced in 2017. And only three months into 2018, 22 tree wells have already been adopted.

“We are on track to have approximately 60 tree wells fenced and planted this year,” said Wynn. Help us meet our goal, and see how your property can get involved.