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Midtown Pedestrian Counters Log 7M Walkers at Select Intersections in 2019

Counters help Midtown Alliance transportation team, developers predict the district’s future pedestrian patterns

Published: 01/09/20

Midtown Atlanta is the most walkable district in the city, with a street grid, plenty of mature green trees and plentiful amenities within a 1.2 square mile boundary. And almost 7 million people came through key intersections in the district on foot last year, according to pedestrian counters installed by Midtown Alliance.

In 2019, Midtown Alliance installed nine pedestrian counters at key intersections around the district to track walking activity and identify patterns such as peak walking days and average workday and weekend traffic. The data has many uses. For example, it helps our transportation team understand the “before and after” performance of our capital projects. Read about projects under construction here. It also helps real estate brokers market the appeal of ground-floor retail spaces where a lot of foot traffic passes by. 

Read more below about the trends we identified and which counters experienced the most activity.

Making It Count

The pedestrian counter in front of BB&T Bank at 7th and Peachtree, near the Starbucks Reserve, saw the most foot traffic in the fourth quarter of 2019. It counted an average of 4,479 pedestrians per day and 136,322 on average per month.

Check out our full table of data for the nine counters in 2019. 

Check out our full table of data for the nine counters in 2019. 


Here’s a few takeaways from last year’s ped counter data:

  • Total pedestrians counted in nine Midtown locations: 7 million
  • Busiest days for eight of the nine ped counters: Fridays and Saturdays At the southwest corner of Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue, Tuesday was the busiest day.
  • The special event effect: February and October saw the single highest counts in one day at five of the nine counters, likely because of the Super Bowl and Atlanta Pride Parade.


Future Ped Counter Plans

New counters have been added for 2020: 

  • Peachtree Street at 17th Street (2 counters)
  • West Peachtree and 15th Street

In 2019, Midtown Alliance received several requests from development analysts for specific pedestrian count data which may suggest there is a desire for more retail or new retail in the district.

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