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Midtown’s Grady High launches Technology Challenge to raise funds for student laptops

More than half of Grady High School students currently can't afford to bring a laptop to school.

Published: 05/02/19


Midtown's own Grady High School sits on the edge of a major employment center that is home to 25% of the City's professional, science, technology and management jobs. While it is widely known that access to technology has never been more critical than in today’s educational environment, more than half of Grady High School students can’t afford to bring their own laptops to school.

For this reason, the Grady High School Foundation has set a commendable goal to ensure that every student has access to appropriate technology and a laptop computer in class, with software that will help prepare them for the workforce after graduation, regardless of their family’s resources or income. 

Benefits of the initiative will include:

  • more one-on-one instruction time
  • availability of instructional platforms like Google Classrooms
  • fewer expensive textbooks 
  • ability to attract talented teaching candidates

Grady High School’s current technological needs are not being met by the Atlanta Public Schools budget. The school is seeking help from the Midtown business community to help augment its budget to fill the gap where tax dollars do not go far enough. To date, the Foundation has raised approximately $100K, with $410K remaining. Each contribution of $10,750 will outfit an entire classroom for years to come, but any amount is welcome.

For more information on how to get involved in this effort, click here.

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