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One-Year Scooter-versary: The Impact of Dockless Mobility on Atlanta

The Year of the Scooter: Atlanta Reflects on First Year with Dockless Mobility

It’s been almost a year to the day since dockless mobility first arrived in Atlanta - seemingly overnight.

Clearly, few topics can spark more impassioned debate than asking people for their thoughts about dockless scooters and bikes. But we can all agree their arrival has made an outsized impact on Midtown and the City of Atlanta in a very short time (keep reading to find out how many e-scooter trips were logged in a single month).

On this first anniversary of their arrival, we asked several different people and organizations with a stake in dockless scooters for their perspective on the effect the devices have had on their daily routine, the City, and what the future will bring. Click the icons below to read their stories.



The Scooter Commuter


The Industry Disruptor


The City Policymaker


The Last Mile Connection


The Pedestrian Advocate