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Safety in Midtown: How to Keep the Momentum Going

Published: 3/1/18

Analysis of recent data managed by APD points to a three-year trend of overall crime reduction in the Midtown Atlanta Core and Zone 5. There are several factors influencing this positive trend. But there is still more work to do. Here are a few ways you can contribute:


Remind your neighbors and colleagues about the “Clean Car Campaign,” which urges everyone to keep valuables out of sight in their parked vehicles. While the number of thefts from auto are down slightly in 2017 (-4% compared to 2016), this remains the most prevalent type of crime in Midtown.


Avoid the temptation on chilly mornings to leave your car running to warm up while you step away from your vehicle. Of the 92 vehicles stolen in the district in 2017, one-third were running and left unattended.


Remember, in an emergency, call 911 first. Then dial Midtown Blue at 404-817-0500.

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