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Three Midtown Staffers Receive Excellence in Action Awards

Accomplishments include helping to apprehend armed robbers and train new hires.

Published: 07/07/22


Three employees of Midtown Alliance received Excellence in Action awards for their efforts to keep the district safe and clean, in addition to ensuring that their departments run smoothly. 

One Atlanta Police Department officer, one Midtown Blue Public Safety Officer and one Midtown Green staffer were recognized by Midtown Alliance Director of Public Safety Marcus Neville and Green Team Director of Operations Milton Jones. Both Midtown Blue and Midtown Green have existed for over two decades, and together the teams have 32 full-time employees including three full-time APD retired officers, and more than 30 active duty Atlanta Police Department officers working extra shifts for Midtown Blue. Read why each employee was recognized below.

Green Team Day Shift Leader Jonathan Hurst

Hurst has worked as a groundskeeper for Midtown Green since 2015, and recently stepped into a vacated leadership position at a time when the department was understaffed. When another supervisor went on leave, he kept Midtown Green’s shop operating smoothly and made sure all assignments were completed. 

“He takes the bull by the horns, and he is self-initiating,” Jones said. “As a result, he has now been promoted to shift leader on the Green team.”


Atlanta Police Department Officer John Hordesky

A member of APD’s Field Investigation Team, Hordesky provides zone commanders with the flexibility to offer plain clothes enforcement of problems specific to their individual zones. He also has worked for Midtown Blue while off duty for more than six months, and he has been very proactive in trying to combat thefts from automobiles and auto theft. Recently, Hordesky was one of the officers arriving first on the scene of an armed robbery on Myrtle Street involving a knife. He was able to put out a description of the perpetrators and their vehicle to APD officers in the area, resulting in officers finding the vehicle and making an arrest. He received a commendation from the City of Atlanta for his role in this incident.

“He goes above and beyond and doesn’t wait for calls or issues to be assigned to him for him to respond to,” Neville said. “He is always proactive in his patrol tactics, but he is also tactful and courteous. He is always engaging the community members in a positive way.” 

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Public Safety Officer James Kirkendoll

Kirkendoll works the evening shift for Midtown Blue, when many automobile-related crimes are committed. Neville said Kirkendoll is very proactive and doesn’t shy away from interacting with residents and visitors in Midtown. Recently, Midtown Blue received a call about cars being broken into inside a local parking deck, and Kirkendoll was among the officers present who blocked off the exits of the deck. He helped pursue the individuals committing the crimes, which resulted in the perpetrators being arrested. 

“He also takes new hires under his wing and mentors them,” Neville said. “He teaches new public safety officers how to interact with people, including those experiencing homelessness. I routinely see him having conversations with new guys and helping them understand what we’re looking for to make sure they have a well-rounded experience and represent Midtown Blue in a positive manner.”

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