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Infographic: 2018 Accomplishments Provide Momentum to Get More Things Done in 2019

These standout moments from 2018 are galvanizing efforts for even more progress in 2019.

Published 1/03/19

A Year in Review: 2018

With more than 60 public improvement projects in the pipeline and a host of new initiatives coming soon, Midtown Alliance's programs carry lots of momentum into the new year. Here are some of the highlights and standout figures from the past 12 months:

Public Improvement Projects

Highlights: $60 million in estimated value of public improvement projects currently in the pipeline.

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Highlight: 86,000 transit passes sold to Midtown employees in 2018 by the Midtown transportation team.

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Public Safety + Clean & Green

Public Safety: More than 28,000 combined hours of supplemental public safety patrolling in Midtown in 2018, about 700 hours per week

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Engaging the Community

Highlight: More than 4,000 attendees at Midtown Alliance events in 2018

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What's Coming in 2019

Stay tuned in early-February for a full report on all of the progress made in Midtown in 2018. You can expect even bigger things in the coming year. Be part of the conversation by joining us and 1,200 of your peers at the Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting, February 19 at the Fox Theatre. Together, we will examine the importance of making connections between people and working together on the issues that matter, from accessible transportation to thoughtful building design and improved quality of life. Purchase your Annual Meeting ticket today!


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