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Public Art Commissions

Our public art & placemaking work reinforces Midtown’s identity as ATL’s “Heart of the Arts.” 

Through a combination of strategic partnerships, commissioned work, events and special projects, we bring public spaces to life with visual points of interest that create human connection. We’re so proud of these projects, and what they add to Midtown’s amazing community spirit. 


Temporary art installations allow room to change over as the urban landscape changes.

Temporary installations are a key focus area of Midtown Alliance’s growing public art program. They provide the freedom to test ideas and the opportunity to refresh the urban landscape periodically. 

Autoeater by German artists Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle sparks conversation about Atlanta’s relationship with the automobile in the context of one of the city’s most walkable urban districts.

Rockspinner, artist Zachary Coffin’s 10-ton kinetic sculpture, created a moment of surprise and delight on a busy street corner that invited pedestrians to interact with it and each other.

The mosaiculture frog, a living sculpture generously loaned from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, enhances the arrival experience in the district in a high visibility location along a major east/west corridor.

Among other fun temporary projects we have introduced include the "Los Trompos" collection of spinning booths as an extension of a 2016 High Museum exhibition.

Shadowmaker by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon stood watch over the Arts Center MARTA station and provided shade and seating overlooking the plaza.

These colorful window panels in the train station are inspired from Jaime Hayon's Technicolor series of tapestries at the High Museum of Art.

Artist Andrew Catanese created this colorful mural on the south wall of the Midtown MARTA station, integrating bursts of color and a lush, forest scene on the concrete.

This edgy mural by artist Stacie U. Rose creates a focal point on the Arts Center MARTA station west plaza, where transit riders also enjoy seating and landscaping.

Many permanent art installations are revered as timeless landmarks in Midtown.

Permanent art installations are an important part of Midtown’s history and continuing legacy as an arts and cultural district. 

Sabine Woman by Dorothy Berge is a commanding figure, commissioned in 1968 to stand in front of Colony Square at Peachtree and 14th Streets. With the property’s redevelopment, this 30-foot tall steel sculpture needed a new home. Midtown Alliance is collaborating with North American Properties and Cousins Properties to relocate Sabine Woman to the southwest corner of Peachtree and 15th Streets, where it will continue to enjoy highly visibility and proximity to the Woodruff Arts Center. Learn more about the project. 

The 6-feet tall Sole Sitter bronze sculpture by Willie Cole was acquired by former Atlanta Mayor Reed as a legacy project and will be installed in a new park space on Peachtree Street.

Discover more than 50 murals, sculptures and installations throughout Midtown’s 120 blocks. Download our IN*MidtownATL app and use it to make your own walking tour.