Last updated: 04/01/20

15th Street Extension Project

Rendering of proposed project looking west from West Peachtree Street.

Project Overview

This project would be a multi-modal connection that extends 15th Street from its current end point at West Peachtree Street two blocks west to Williams Street. The entire extension would be implemented on GDOT right-of-way, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming land acquisition.

The proposed roadway design between West Peachtree Street and Spring Street would include a three-lane section consisting of one through lane in each direction and dedicated left-turn lanes approaching Spring Street and West Peachtree Street. The proposed lane section west of Spring Street would consist of a single through lane in each direction. Travel lanes are proposed to be 11-feet wide. Additionally, the new cross-section would consist of 5-foot tree planting/furniture zones, 5-foot sidewalk-level bicycle lanes, and 10-foot sidewalks on both sides of the street. The bicycle lanes would provide a direct connection to the Arts Center MARTA Station and existing and proposed developments as well as other bicycle routes.

Current Funding Sources

  • $188k in ARC/Federal funds (design only)
  • $1.16M in Midtown Improvement District funds
  • $1.25M in City of Atlanta funds (impact fees)
  • $1M in GDOT/Federal funds
  • Total funding secured:  $3.6M

Progress To Date

Midtown Alliance was awarded grant through ARC for Design/Engineering to extend 15th Street from West Peachtree St. to Williams St.  In partnership with GDOT and the City of Atlanta, an RFQ for Engineering Design services was advertised in June 2017.  Jacobs was selected as the lead consultant and design work began in early 2018.  Environmental and traffic studies and Concept Design have been reviewed and approved by GDOT.  Preliminary Field Plans have been completed and reviewed by authorities and Final Field Plans are currently underway.  Pending approvals and permitting by authorities, construction of the extension is forecasted to begin in 2021.

Public Outreach

Midtown Alliance hosted a public information open house on November 8, 2018 at 999 Peachtree Street. Midtown Alliance and the project design team shared conceptual designs for the proposed 15th Street extension project and solicited feedback from attendees on the proposed concept. Display Boards from this open house are available for download. Responses to comments received, both from the event, online, and via email, are available to read in this document.

Comments received at the November 2018 event, along with additional input from the City, have led to revisions to the original design. The revised design proposes placing the bike lanes at sidewalk level rather than street level so as to provide vertical separation between cars and bikes. A second public comment period was held in April 2019 to share the revised designs with the public and solicit feedback on the revisions. The project team received 26 public comments and those comments, along with the team’s responses, are summarized in this letter. Typical sections of the revised design are shown below.

Midtown Alliance, in partnership with the City of Atlanta and GDOT, is now working to finalize the project design. Additional public outreach will be conducted at a later date to share final design plans. In the interim, please check this project website for updates and contact with questions.