Last Updated: 8/5/2020

US 19 (Spring Street) Bicycle
and Pedestrian Improvements Project
(Peachtree St. to 17th St)

Project Overview

The Spring Street Improvements Project proposes to re-purpose one southbound lane on Spring Street (US-19/SR-9) between Peachtree Street and 17th Street to accommodate wider sidewalks, ADA upgrades, street trees, pedestrian lighting, and bicycle facilities.This northernmost section of Spring Street is intended to be the first phase of improvements along the entire Spring Street corridor, one of Midtown's major southbound corridors that connects key destinations and amenities. This phase of the project is within three blocks of the MARTA Arts Center Station and will help to enhance safety, access, and mobility for all users. This half-mile project is intended to complement the larger planned bike/ped improvements for Spring and West Peachtree Streets, which are now part of the Mayor's Action Plan for Safer Streets. See this map for reference.

Spring Street: Existing Typical Section

Spring Street: Proposed Typical Section

Project Funding

  • $1M in Midtown Improvement District funds
  • $1.9M in federal grant funds
  • Total funding: $2.9M


The Scoping phase is complete. The Design and Engineering phase began in early 2018 with Kimley-Horn serving as lead technical consultants to accomplish the following project activities:

  • Public engagement
  • City and stakeholder coordination
  • Survey and subsurface evaluations
  • Traffic impact study
  • Environmental studies
  • Development of preliminary and final design plans
  • Cost estimating
  • Development of construction documents

An extensive traffic study concluded in December 2019 and the project team is now progressing with preliminary design. The Design and Engineering phase is expected to continue through 2021, with construction targeted to begin in 2022. Please stay tuned for project updates. If you have general comments or questions, please email us at:

Public Open House & Comment Period

Midtown Alliance, in partnership with the City of Atlanta, hosted a public information open house for the US 19 (Spring Street) Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project on Wednesday, February 12 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Peachtree Christian Church. The purpose of this Public Information Open House was to provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about the project, view preliminary designs, interact with staff and provide comments.

The public comment period for the project was from February 5 to March 6. The project team reviewed and responded to all comments received.  Please refer to the "April 6, 2020 Response Letter to Public Comments" linked below.

The Open House materials are linked below for reference:


Midtown Alliance also solicited public input on existing conditions in early 2018. By clicking here, you can view the comments received via our online public comment portal. For detailed responses to submitted comments and questions please view this document. 


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