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Monthly Capital Projects Update:  November 28, 2018

Each month, we provide a construction update on our current Public Right-of-way Projects.  See what's happening as we give you more to love about Midtown.

Sidewalk Improvements (Annual Program) - Since November 2014, Midtown Alliance has performed about $850,000 worth of sidewalk repairs within the Midtown Improvement District.  Work includes patching or replacing concrete, resetting pavers, new curb and ADA ramp upgrades, and other sidewalk repairs to help maintain and improve pedestrian mobility in Midtown.  Approximately 240 repairs have been completed to-date.  We continue to select locations for improvements carefully to avoid areas experiencing significant impacts from private construction sites/routes, utility contractors and other sidewalk closures.  The tree wells were expanded at 1100 Peachtree building this past summer, and fencing will be installed in late-2018.  New curb, ramps and sidewalk were replaced on three corners of the intersection of Spring St. and 3rd St.  Sidewalk and paver repairs were performed to reset trash/recycling receptacles in various MID locations.  In November, additional pavers will be repaired in the plaza at Peachtree and Ponce, lifting sidewalk panels will be replaced near Federal Home Loan Bank on Peachtree St, and ADA upgrades will be performed at the intersection of Cypress and 3rd Streets.

Tree Management (Annual Program) - Because we place tremendous value on Midtown's urban tree canopy, Midtown Alliance invests in an annual care regimen of planting, fertilization, pruning, and other treatments to manage over 2,500 street trees within the Midtown Improvement District right-of-way.  We regularly consult with arborists to assess, prioritize, and manage our tree inventory.

  • Pruning:  We annually identify and prioritize corridors of street trees within the MID in need of pruning.  Pruning enhances public safety and helps ensure healthy structure, growth, and long-term viability of the trees within our urban environment.  Dormant season pruning was completed in Feb-March 2018 on 57 selected trees.  Another cycle of pruning was recently completed, including:  32 oaks in the plaza at Peachtree St and 15th St and 31 more on Peachtree St between 15th and 16th Streets; and other selected trees were trimmed for better visibility of traffic signals or stop signs.
  • Planting:  Typically once or twice per year Midtown Alliance identifies diseased, dying, or missing street trees and replaces them with new, healthy, urban-tolerant trees.  In March 2018, 7 new trees were sourced from nurseries and installed, along with groundcover plants and mulch. Approximately 10 more trees have been identified to be replaced in Winter 2018-2019; some trees have already been removed in preparation for replacement.

Improvements to the Intersection of 14th Street and Peachtree Street - Midtown Alliance, in partnership with the City of Atlanta Renew Atlanta Bond Program, began construction of pedestrian improvements at this intersection in late August.  This work consists of curb realignment at the northeast corner, sidewalk repairs, reconstruction of curb ramps on all corners, and modifications to the traffic median east of Peachtree. Improvements at this intersection are expected to be complete in late November to early December, aside from final repairs of granite pavers, which will be completed in December.  Roadway repaving and restriping of the intersection is expected to be performed by the Renew Atlanta Program in mid-2019, followed by installation of new red thermoplastic crosswalks by Midtown Alliance.

Improvements to the Intersection of 15th Street and Peachtree Street - Scope for this intersection includes full milling, repaving and restriping of intersection; installation of red thermoplastic crosswalks; and sidewalk/paver repairs and replacement of all curb ramps.  In coordination with adjacent properties and events, construction was moved up and pedestrian improvements began on October 1st.  The ADA curb ramps on all four corners have been replaced.  The intersection was repaved on October 27th, and lane striping and crosswalk installation will occur in November to allow time for the new asphalt to cure.  Final repairs to granite pavers will follow in December.


Improvements to the Intersection of Deering Road and Peachtree Street -  Improvements at this intersection include converting the existing traffic signals to mast arm signals and improving the intersection with red thermoplastic crosswalks, ADA ramps, fencing, lighting, and gateway landscaping.  Initial construction efforts on the traffic signals began in late October. Construction of pedestrian improvements is now expected to begin in early December. Improvements at this intersection are fully funded by Midtown Alliance.

Next Up for Construction

Improvements to three more Peachtree Street Intersections - Upon completion of work at Peachtree Street's intersections with 14th St. and 15th St., Midtown Alliance will continue its program for construction of $1.7 Million in enhancements and repairs to pedestrian and vehicular facilities at the intersections of Peachtree Street and:

  • Peachtree Circle:  ADA upgrades and conversion of existing traffic signals to mast arms.  Construction is projected to begin toward the end of December 2018, weather permitting.
  • Buford-Spring Connector:  ADA upgrades and conversion of existing traffic signals to mast arms at on/off ramp.  Construction is projected to begin in February 2019, weather permitting.

On the Design Boards

Click on links on the left-hand side of this page to learn more about ten more major capital projects that are in the Design phase and are projected to be under construction within one-to-four years. Additional Future Capital Projects are planned.

Our ongoing projects help keep Midtown safe, improve accessibility, and enhance our livability. Contact us with questions or feedback on these projects and construction updates.