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Monthly Capital Projects Update:  July 31, 2019

Each month, we provide a construction update on our current Public Right-of-way Projects.  See what's happening as we give you more to love about Midtown.

Improvements to five Peachtree Street Intersections - Midtown Alliance's program for construction of $1.6 million in enhancements and repairs to pedestrian and vehicular facilities at the following five intersections nears completion:

  • 14th Street and Peachtree Street - Midtown Alliance, in partnership with the City of Atlanta Renew Atlanta Bond Program, began construction of pedestrian improvements at this intersection in September 2018.  This work consists of curb realignment at the northeast corner, sidewalk and granite paver repairs, reconstruction of curb ramps on all corners, installation of new pedestrian signal poles, and modifications to the traffic median east of Peachtree.  The Renew Atlanta Program paved the intersection in late June, and Midtown Alliance is expected to complete final work  during the week of July 29 by restriping the intersection and installing red thermoplastic crosswalks. 
  • 15th Street and Peachtree Street (Complete) - Scope for this intersection includes full milling, repaving and restriping of the intersection; installation of red thermoplastic crosswalks; sidewalk and granite paver repairs; and replacement of all curb ramps.  Construction began in October 2018 and was complete in April 2019.
  • Peachtree Circle and Peachtree Street (Complete) - This intersection received pedestrian ramp and signal upgrades and existing traffic signals were converted to mast arms.  Construction occurred February to May 2019 and is complete.  
  • Buford-Spring Connector and Peachtree Street (Complete- Construction included pedestrian ramp and signal upgrades and conversion of existing traffic signals to mast arms at the on/off ramp to Buford-Spring Connector.  Construction occurred March to May 2019 and is complete.
  • Deering Road and Peachtree Street - Improvements at this intersection are fully funded by the Midtown Improvement District.  Construction began in October and includes converting the existing traffic signals to mast arm signals and improving the intersection with new sidewalks and ADA ramps, fencing, lighting, and gateway landscaping.  The new red thermoplastic crosswalk across Peachtree St. was installed in May.  Installation of traffic poles, mast arms and signals is underway in coordination with GDOT with an anticipated completion date of October 2019.  All other work has been completed.

Sidewalk Improvements (Annual Program) - Since November 2014, Midtown Alliance has performed about $950,000 worth of sidewalk repairs within the Midtown Improvement District.  Work includes patching or replacing concrete, resetting pavers, new curb and ADA ramp upgrades, and other sidewalk repairs to help maintain and improve pedestrian mobility in Midtown. Approximately 270 repairs have been completed to-date.  We continue to select locations for improvements carefully to avoid areas experiencing significant impacts from private construction sites/routes, utility contractors and other sidewalk closures.  In June 2019, granite pavers were repaired on all corners of the intersection of Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue, and the traffic controller cabinet on the southwest corner of Peachtree Street and 15th Street was relocated to dedicate more room to pedestrians.


    Next Up for Construction

    Remaining segments of 3rd Street, 4th Street, and 13th Street within the Midtown Improvement District will be converted from one-way to two-way traffic.  The One-Way to Two-Way Conversions Project was advertised for construction bids in May and a notice-to-proceed was issued to the selected contractor in late July.  Work is expected to begin on the 13th Street conversion in August 2019, with 4th and 3rd Streets to follow. Expected impacts include temporary lane and sidewalk closures. This page will be updated each month with more details about expected impacts.

    The Last Mile Intersections project is also being prepared to be publicly advertised for construction bids later this Summer 2019.


    On the Design Boards

    Click on links on the left-hand side of this page to learn more about ten more major capital projects that are in the Design phase and are projected to be under construction within one-to-five years.

    Our ongoing projects help keep Midtown safe, improve accessibility, and enhance our livability. Contact us with questions or feedback on these projects and construction updates.