Midtown Development Review Committee: August 2017 

August DRC Recap: SCAD Updates Student Housing Experience

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is reenvisioning the traditional dorm experience at their Atlanta campus in Midtown. On Tuesday, August 8th, the Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC) reviewed a proposal for a new 14-story residence hall at SCAD Atlanta.

Previously, in 2015, SCAD proposed plans for a new residence hall that would replace the existing Spring House at Spring and 18th Streets. Since then, SCAD acquired a slim, irregularly shaped parcel to the west of Spring House and south of the main academic building at 1600 Peachtree Street. Developing this parcel first will allow students to remain at Spring House until completion of the project, at which time Spring House can be demolished and that property made ready for future campus development.

The proposal presented at Tuesday’s meeting includes 592 student beds, lounge and event space, laundry services, a coffee bar, and other utility services and amenities for students. The project envisions a vibrant campus experience in the northern extent of Midtown and proposes several off-site upgrades in order to provide better connectivity to the main building. The new development will not include any new parking, but will incorporate a drop-off area for cars and a loading area for service vehicles and deliveries. All student parking will be located in the existing SCAD parking deck at 1600 Peachtree.

The Committee commended the applicant’s approach to creating a cohesive campus by making improvements to facilitate better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. The DRC requested more information in the form of a detailed site plan to to further evaluate variation requests related to side and rear yard setbacks and loading bays. Additionally, the applicant was asked to develop more definitive solutions related to service access and pedestrian circulation through the site.