MARTA Station

Building on a successful partnership at the Arts Center Station in 2016, new enhancements to the Midtown Station plaza are the result of continued collaboration between Midtown Alliance and MARTA. We believe that transit stations provide a unique opportunity to bring people together in dynamic public spaces. Enhancements include a colorful mural by local artist Andrew Catanese, new lighting, inviting seating and a dedicated performance platform designed by
Sylvatica Studio and constructed by MacroTek Services.

Midtown Alliance’s Public Art & Placemaking Program enlivens public spaces with visual points of interest that invite conversation and interaction. Reinforcing Midtown’s identity as the “Heart of the Arts,” these human-scaled projects enhance Midtown’s spirit of community and reinforce walkability.

Music for Your Afternoon Commute

Visit the plaza on Thursday afternoons between 3-6 pm through August 30th for musical entertainment provided by Artbound, MARTA’s public art program, dedicated to bringing arts and culture along for the ride!  Learn more here: www.itsmarta.com/artbound.aspx  

Meet the Artist

Andrew Catanese

Catanese uses natural imagery of dense forests and animals to represent Midtown’s diversity and growth.
The mural celebrates the beauty of our Southern city through lush foliage and flowers. Mirroring Atlanta’s population, the native dogwoods, azaleas and magnolia trees are rendered more striking alongside newer transplants from abroad, like cherry blossoms and Bradford pear trees.
The diversity of Midtown’s demography is reflected by the colorful array of animal species in the mural. Their interactions reflect cooperation and camaraderie to create an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all.

Visit Andrew's website for more information. 

By the Numbers

Grounds to Gather

View the progress of the mural installation and learn more about the inspiration behind the art.

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