Midtown Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Midtown Alliance undertook its largest transportation study yet to examine district-wide mobility beginning in January 2016. Through this study, Midtown Alliance is seeking to ensure the area’s long-term vitality, reinforce transit investments, and manage vehicle traffic while continuing to offer a quality environment for walking and biking. Over the last 9 months, with input from thousands of people in-person and online, we have assessed needs, evaluated and prioritized projects, and identified programs and strategies to create an action plan for implementation. We encourage you to learn more about the challenge this plan will address, view the planning process, read about existing plans and trends in mobility from across the country, and stay connected on plan updates: www.MidtownTransportationPlan.com

Additional Transportation Programs

Midtown Alliance has already been addressing many of these opportunities through existing programs, including:

  • Midtown Transportation Operations Program,  in partnership with the City of Atlanta and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), which is optimizing more than 100 traffic signals throughout the district;
  • our public space improvement plans, which have led to more than 14 miles of new tree-lined sidewalks and 5 miles of connected bike lanes, with more on the way;
  • Midtown Alliance’s dedicated Midtown Transportation team that works with employers and commuters to make commuting by transit, bike, carpool, vanpool or foot easier and more convenient