Updated 8/4/20

Public Transportation Updates

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Service Update (in effect 9/26/2020):

 To prioritize essential transit service, MARTA is currently operating bus service to the routes listed below.

 2    4  5  6  12  15  19  21  26  39
 40  42  49  50  51  55  60  71  73  78
 82  83  84  86  87  89  95  102  107  110
 111 115  116  117  120  121  124  125  172  178
 181  185  186  191  192  193  196  816    
 Including Oakley Industrial Circulator (188)

  • As of September 7, 2020, buses have resumed normal front door boarding and fare collection.

  • As of September 26, 2020, Routes 12 and 116 have resumed service.

See full list of route changes. 


  • Weekday rail service is operating on a modified Sunday schedule, beginning service at 5:00am, with trains arriving at stations approximately every 20 minutes.

  • All Red and Gold Line trains will travel to the Airport from the start of service until 9 pm. After 9 pm, all Gold Line trains will continue to travel to the Airport; Red Line trains will only operate between North Springs and Lindbergh. Green Line trains will turn back at King Memorial from start of service to 9 pm.

  • Weekend schedules can be viewed here.



Xpress Service Alerts

Xpress Reduced Service

Xpress Pilots New Contactless Payment Option

In response to helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Xpress is rolling out a new contactless way to pay with the Token Transit Mobile App on Friday, September 18, 2020. The Cashless, Cardless, Contactless pilot program reduces the need to exchange physical money or touch surfaces while boarding or reloading a breeze card. The health of Georgia’s citizens, workforce and workplace safety are our top priorities. Read more.

Read information here.

Gwinnett County Transit

Service Update (in effect 6/1/2020):

Local service – Starting Monday, June 1, Gwinnett County Transit will restrict boarding on local buses to 15 passengers in order to promote social distancing while still providing essential trips for people who need transit. Once a local bus reaches its 15-passenger capacity, it will display “Bus Full. Please wait for the next bus” until there is room on the bus. Customers should consider only taking essential trips so that others may still be able to get to their essential destinations as well. GCT also recommends passengers wear a facemask while riding on the bus.

Gwinnett County Transit customers using local buses will enter and exit buses using the REAR doors only, except for customers who require the accessibility ramp or kneeling function. Some seats on the local buses will not be accessible to promote social distancing.  Because fare box equipment is located at the front door, Gwinnett County Transit is temporarily suspending fare collection on local buses.

Commuter service – Beginning Monday, June 1, Gwinnett County Transit will run commuter express bus routes to downtown Atlanta on a reduced schedule and will continue to suspend fare box collections until further notice.

Gwinnett County Transit encourages riders to follow CDC guidelines and wear a face mask while on the bus. To continue practice social distancing, only 14 passengers will be permitted on a commuter bus at a time.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, when available, hand sanitizer will be placed on buses for passenger use. We are also deep cleaning all buses and vans daily, an increase from once a month. The cleaning products used for deep cleaning kill germs at a rate of 99.9 percent. Gwinnett County Transit strongly recommends that passengers follow the CDC guidance on wearing a facemask.

Read more information here.


CobbLinc Operations and Services Map.

Service Update (6/15/2020)

The following guidelines will apply for public access to the CobbLinc Paratransit & Customer Service Center and Marietta Transfer Center kiosk:

  • Voucher program transactions will continue by phone & U.S. mail only. 
  • Voucher client intakes will continue by telephone until further notice. 
  • Paratransit ID cards will continue to be issued by appointment only.  Call Customer Service at 770-427-4444 for assistance.
  • Farebox collections remain suspended until further notice. 
  • Walk-up services at the Marietta Transfer Center kiosk will remain suspended.  Customers with inquiries about ticket transactions should call Customer Service at 770-427-4444.

Construction-related service updates can be found here.


Need to make an essential trip via bike? Let Midtown Transportation help you plan your route. Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is offering free online city cycling classes to help you reach important destinations like the grocery store, pharmacy, and healthcare providers. When biking, please continue to practice social distancing. 


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