Capital Improvements

Midtown Alliance, with the financial support of the Midtown Improvement District (MID), is working to ensure that Midtown is safe, connected, and desirable for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike.  Over the last 12 years, the MID has contributed over $20 million to leverage more than $400 million in public and private funding to:

  • Construct pedestrian and bicycle improvements
  • Enhance transit accessibility and traffic flow
  • Provide needed public park spaces, and
  • Carry out other special projects

These investments have transformed Midtown’s major corridors with new sidewalks and bicycle facilities, decorative lighting, street trees, landscaping, improved crosswalks, and traffic signal management - all of which reinforce the district’s strong urban identity. Midtown Alliance continues to implement capital improvements and sponsor special projects to maintain and enhance the district.

Streetscape Map

Midtown Bike Plan

Learn the status of capital projects currently under construction and recently completed as well as a look ahead at our future planned projects:

Pedestrian and Bicycle Corridor Project

Since 2001, Midtown Alliance has facilitated the design and construction of pedestrian and bicycle enhancements throughout the district.  Improvement projects in 10 major corridors have resulted in:

  • Over 14 miles of new sidewalks
  • Approximately 4 miles of new planned and constructed bicycle facilities
  • More than 700 new street and pedestrian lights
  • Over 720 shade trees within public right of ways; and
  • Three new public plazas along Atlanta’s signature corridor, Peachtree Street

Current Project Highlight: 10th Street Cycle Track
In partnership with the City of Atlanta, the PATH Foundation, and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., a two-way separated bicycle facility was implemented on 10th Street from Piedmont Avenue to Monroe Drive. The improvement connects the BeltLine’s Eastside Trail to Piedmont Park, the Midtown Business District, MARTA’s Midtown rail station, and other area bicycle facilities.

Midtown Alliance continues to pursue an aggressive slate of short-term and long-term pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Traffic Management Projects

Midtown Alliance is actively engaged in managing pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow and access to local and regional transit services in the district.  Our capital improvement efforts include traffic signal management, intersection improvements, wayfinding signage, and other strategic transportation improvements.   The combination of our pedestrian/bicycle improvements and traffic management efforts enhance the district’s livability and improve access to four MARTA rail stations as well as local and regional bus routes.

Reinforcing the balance between traffic flow and pedestrian safety, Midtown Alliance has completed and is considering intersection improvements throughout the district.  Intersection improvements regularly include vehicular turn lane improvements, traffic signal operations, high-visibility crosswalks, ADA ramps and other connectivity improvements.

Long-Range Planning

Vital to the success of Midtown is a careful balance between efficient traffic flow and pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety.  Midtown Alliance maintains and regularly revisits a signalization plan for new and upgraded traffic and pedestrian signals.  Over the last several years new traffic signals have been added to the 6th Street, 8th Street, and 12th Street corridors. The district has also added pedestrian “count-down” timers in numerous locations and consistently seeks funding for additional signal improvements.

Several of Midtown’s major transportation corridors are one-way streets.  While one-way corridors facilitate greater vehicular movement through the area, this strategy may not be best for some of Midtown’s more walkable retail areas.  Midtown Alliance regularly meets with neighbors, local businesses, and the City of Atlanta to discuss problem areas and consider potential conversion of select roadways to two-way operations.  Midtown’s first two-way conversion, Ponce de Leon Avenue from Spring Street to Peachtree Street, was completed in early 2013.

Current Project Highlight: Midtown Traffic Operations Program (MTOP) 
Through a partnership with the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation, Midtown Alliance is implementing a signal management program for almost 100 traffic signals in the Midtown area.  The three-year, $3 million effort will enhance traffic flow and improve pedestrian safety through improved signal timing, on-call response to operational issues, and repair and replacement of aging signal and communications equipment.

Parks and Plaza Projects 

Over the last five years, Midtown Alliance has designed new parks and plazas including the Arts Center Plaza at the intersection of Peachtree Street and 15th, Ponce Triangle at the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street, and refurbishment of the Athletes of the World monument and greenspace at the intersection of Peachtree and West Peachtree Streets, and a new "button park" in partnership with the Atlanta History Center at 10th and Peachtree St.  Midtown’s temporary and “pop-up” parks on vacant development sites include a new greenspace at the corner of 18th and West Peachtree Street across from the John Marshall Law School.

Current Project Highlight: 10th Street Temporary Pocket Park
Midtown Alliance and Dewberry Capital Corporation have partnered to create an infill green space at the corner of Peachtree Street and 10th Street.  This pocket park will provide a community gathering place along Atlanta’s signature corridor and will include a sustainable garden sponsored by the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  A temporary stage structure and public art installation will add to the park’s visibility.  This project is part of an ongoing Midtown Alliance strategy to take vacant land and make improvements to turn these properties in community amenities until such time as the property is ready for development.  

Special Projects & Enhancements

No capital improvements effort is complete without a maintenance strategy and continued efforts to enhance the environment.  Midtown Alliance regularly partners with the city, local businesses, institutions, and organizations to keep our urban district clean, green, and safe.  These special projects include:

  • Routine pavement maintenance, including sidewalk repairs, paver replacements, and driveway/ramp repairs
  • Landscape management, from tree planting and replacement, to water-wise gardens, tree well adoption, flower pots, and median landscaping
  • Multi-modal enhancements- transit stop improvements and bicycle rack installation
  • Management of trash and recycling, as well as placement of new receptacles
  • Public art
  • Amenities and urbanism initiatives including installation of Little Free Library locations

Read about more of our current projects and enhancements making Midtown the heartbeat of Atlanta. Our monthly Public Space Project Update covers what's new in the neighborhood.