Site-specific outdoor mural at Midtown MARTA Station along the Peachtree Place façade

Midtown Alliance, in collaboration with MARTA, is seeking qualifications from artists for the commissioning of a site-specific mural at Midtown MARTA Station on the south plaza. Midtown Station is one of the district's most visible stations, and a key connection point for Midtown residents, workers, students and visitors. While the station has long served Midtown as a central business district, the last several years have brought increased residential investment around the station as well.

This mural will be a major component of and set the tone for a larger placemaking enhancement effort at this plaza, including sculptural seating, lighting and other activations to be revealed this spring. This is one of multiple placemaking efforts planned for 2018. Midtown Alliance's art and activation program seeks to enhance Midtown's public realm by making publicly-accessible spaces that are comfortable, safe and vibrant for all to use. In 2016, Midtown Alliance introduced "The Porch," transforming a vacant plaza at Arts Center Station into a colorful and lively community asset. Click here for more information about The Porch and stay tuned for more art and activation.

Download complete RFQ here.

All qualifications must be submitted via e-mail by Friday, February 2nd at 12 pm EST to:

Ms. Lauren Bohn
Project Manager, Urban Design and Placemaking


Application Deadlines & Project Timeline

January 8, 2018 - Announcement of RFQ

January 22, 2018 - Deadline for submission of questions regarding RFQ at 12 pm EST

February 2, 2018 - Deadline for receipt of credentials at 12 pm EST

February 5-9, 2018 - Review of credentials

February 12, 2018 - Shortlisted artists will be contacted

February 15 or 16, 2018 - Site visit with Midtown Alliance and MARTA

March 2, 2018 - Deadline for submission of design proposals at 12 pm EST

March 5-9, 2018 - Review of proposals and selection of artist

March 12, 2018 - Winning artist will be contacted

April 2018 - Installation of artwork, dates TBD by Midtown Alliance and MARTA

Frequently Asked Questions about the RFQ Process:

How do I know if my submission is complete?

A complete submission has each and all of the following items:

  1. A current CV (or one for each member of the team, if applicable)
  2. Images of five (5) recent projects (up to a maximum of 5 images per project) including a written description of the materials, size, title, location, commissioning body and project cost
  3. Names and contact information for two references (preferably for projects completed within the past five years)

Please submit all items as a single document in pdf format. (It may be multiple pages.) This document must be labeled with the name of the artist or artist team.

Should applicants have extensive experience in mural planning & execution, or all artists are encouraged to apply?

We anticipate a competitive selection process, but all artists are encouraged to apply. The extent to which an applicant demonstrates the ability to execute large-scale public projects, the stronger his or her submission will be. This will be just one of many public art and activation projects in Midtown in the coming year(s), and it never hurts to familiarize us with your work.

Should I attach a letter of intent with my submission?

We do not require a letter of intent but you're welcome to include one if there’s something you’d like to express or if you’d like us to get to know you better. Submissions without an LOI will not be penalized. If you do submit a letter of intent, please be concise. We’re interested to hear from you, but have several more submissions to process!

What are the dimensions of the walls?

Please refer to this PDF for a general understanding of scale. These are not exact measurements but should help you approximate square footage.

Please note: these are merely some surfaces available for mural application. Three artists will be given an honorarium to produce concept designs, at which time, specific walls and scope of work will be determined.

Have I missed the deadline to apply?

No. Credentials are due at 12 pm EST on Friday, February 2nd