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Physical Improvements

We have a 40-year reputation for getting things done in Midtown Atlanta.

Improving the way people experience Midtown at street-level is the catalyst to attract and retain high-quality talent and investment in Midtown and our city. 

What sets our organization apart in the place management industry is that we are entrusted by the Midtown Improvement District and City, Regional and State policy partners to implement physical improvements in the public right-of-way. This project work takes many forms, ranging from multi-year, multi-million dollar transportation corridor enhancements to park and plaza upgrades and temporary public art installations. 

Our team includes seven staffers who work full-time on:

  • Implementing transportation improvements to increase travel choices and the efficiency of Midtown’s multi-modal network
  • Securing grants and building public improvement projects such as streetscapes, parks and plazas
  • Designing, activating and programming public spaces

All of this work happens in close coordination with our partners and the community we serve. And sometimes it can take many years to move a complicated project through the approval process before we put a shovel in the ground. Our role is to keep pushing to deliver quality projects that make the district safer, greener, more navigable, more vibrant and where people want to be.


Get a map view of improvement projects:

View the current status map of our Capital Improvement projects and the historical map of completed projects.


You can also read our summaries of projects currently under construction, recently completed, and in planning:


Total estimated combined value of public improvement projects advancing through concept, design/engineering and construction phases through 2025

Linear miles of streetscape improvements delivered since 2000, featuring wide sidewalks, street trees, benches, bike racks, lighting and utilities buried underground

Investment since 2014 in sidewalk repairs, including fixing damaged surfaces, resetting pavers and curbs, updating ramps for ADA compliance + more

Total miles of bikeways delivered in Midtown – including a mix of barrier-separated facilities and striping – with additional miles planned

In the time since the Midtown Improvement District was created, the commercial property tax digest in Midtown has more than tripled in value

Street trees maintained annually by Midtown Alliance with a regimen that includes planting, pruning, nutrients and more

Years of working with local and international artists on public art projects that add vitality to the district, from sculptures to murals and more

New street and pedestrian light fixtures installed on ten major corridors over the past 20 years, improving safety and aesthetics

Public plaza spaces delivered along Atlanta’s signature corridor, Peachtree Street, featuring seating, games, landscaping and more

Large-scale activation projects delivered in partnership with MARTA at the Arts Center and Midtown stations to breathe new life into underperforming plazas

Traffic signals optimized in the district for both motorists and pedestrians in partnership with Georgia DOT and the City of Atlanta

LED lights installed throughout the district as part of Midtown Alliance’s holiday lighting program in addition to three-dimensional Moravian star installations