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Commuter Services 

Midtown Transportation is here to help you get around without the stress, high cost, and environmental impact of driving alone.

What is clean mobility?

Clean mobility refers to travel modes that are better for people and the planet than driving alone. This includes carpooling/vanpooling, trains, buses, biking, e-scooting, onewheeling, walking, and more!

How will choosing a different travel mode save me money and stress?

When you ride the train, traffic isn’t an issue, meaning travel time has little-to-no variability and you won’t have to sit bumper-to-bumper. Riding the bus lets you sit back and relax, listen to music, or read a book. Carpools and vanpools can take advantage of HOV lanes to breeze past traffic and split the cost of gas. When you bike, e-scoot, or walk, you can save on gas and car maintenance costs while spending time outside.

Why does my travel mode matter?

More cars on the road means more traffic, more greenhouse gas emissions, and more space for parking that could be used for something else (like a park). When people choose other modes of travel, they’re helping our community, infrastructure, and global climate.

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