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Midtown ATL

Earn Cash. Win Prizes.

Choosing a commute alternative not only saves you money, it can earns you money.  Midtown Transportation and Georgia Commute Options reward commuters who carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bicycle, or walk to work.

$5 A Day

Currently driving alone?  Start a clean commute and earn $5 a day. Earn up to $150 by trying an alternative to driving alone.

$25 Prizes

If you already use an commute alternative for your commute to work, you could win a $25 prize. You can enter to win the $25 monthly prize drawing once a day using the points you earn from your clean commute.

$40 & $60 Gas Cards

Carpools of 3 or more people who ride together and log enough trips each month can earn $40 or $60 gas cards. 

It's a snap to get started. Simply sign up, start logging your commute, and earn your cash and prizes.

Plus, by using a clean commute, you're not only easing traffic and reducing the cost of your commute, you're helping to improve Atlanta's air quality. The majority of the pollution in our air comes from tailpipes. Every mile we drive produces about a pound of pollution.

Learn more about Georgia Commute Options' incentive programs and learn which ones you're eligible here.