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Midtown ATL

Where is Midtown Atlanta?

Our primary area of focus is the 120 city blocks that lie west of Piedmont Park to the interstate, and from the area around Emory University Hospital Midtown up to the Peachtree Street Bridge. This follows the boundaries of the Midtown Improvement District (MID).

Midtown Alliance's programs and capital projects are concentrated here. But ...

Our work is not bounded entirely by the Midtown Improvement District. We know that issues like transportation, urban planning, infrastructure and public safety transcend the MID borders, so our team pays attention to these areas. 

“Greater Midtown” extends much further to the east, arguably to Monroe Drive, and Howell Mill to the west (West Midtown). With the increased development activity to the east and west, these areas are starting to densify. And activities around planning, traffic and transportation and public safety are becoming more formalized.