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Blueprint Midtown

We advocate for design excellence in the built environment and a safe transportation network with quality choices for how to get around. 

Few places in North America are growing as quickly as Midtown Atlanta. And one thing is certain: everybody benefits when projects integrate seamlessly into Midtown’s grid of tree-lined streets and fit within the neighborhood’s distinct urban context. 

Our team works with city, regional and state transportation partners to design projects that enhance Midtown's network of sidewalks, roadways, transit lines, bike facilities, traffic signals and curb space. 

We also collaborate with land owners, real estate professionals and design teams early in the development process to advocate for the best in architecture and urban design, centered on active street level use, inviting public spaces and visually interesting facades. 

Major projects reviewed by the Midtown Development Review Committee since 2010, from office towers to residential buildings + more

Percentage of respondents to our 2019 Midtown Community Survey that prioritized walkability in future transportation planning (n=4,807)

Percentage of the 82K daytime workers who commute into Midtown by doing something other than driving alone

Since 2000, Midtown's residential population (now 18K people) has been growing at a rate of five times that of the City of Atlanta