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Midtown ATL

We collaborate with land owners, real estate professionals and design teams early in the development process to advocate for the best in architecture and urban design, centered on active street level use, inviting public spaces and visually interesting facades. 

A robust set of tools helps guide Midtown’s growth. 

Our organization has a long track record of proactive planning, development assistance, and project implementation – all of which contribute to Midtown’s emergence as a thriving urban center.  Some of the key tools in this effort are:

  • Midtown’s zoning code, known officially as a Special Public Interest (SPI) Districts 16 & 17
  • The community-informed Blueprint Midtown – currently in its third iteration since the original was drafted in 1997 and completed – a comprehensive master plan to promote economic development and enrich the quality of life in Midtown
  • The Midtown Transportation Plan, our largest transportation study ever to examine district-wide mobility and create the future of Midtown's transportation network by prioritizing projects that make it safe, multi-modal, vibrant and accessible 
  • The Midtown Owner’s Manual, a visual guide to community expectations and aspirations in the built environment 
  • Greenprint Midtown, the plan that gave rise to the Southeast's first eco-district

Want an in-depth look at the innovative design principles that have transformed Midtown over four decades into the Southeast’s premier urban district?


Midtown Alliance administers the local development review process. 

Design review is guided by input from the Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC), comprised of design professionals and community representatives. DRC recommendations inform the City’s Office of Zoning and Development, the local administrative authority that oversees initial permit approvals. Since 2010, the volunteers that represent the DRC have reviewed more than 100 major development projects. 

Stay up to date on development projects proposed for Midtown as well as DRC actions.


We’re at the table with developers to maximize safety and minimize adverse impacts to the community. 

After development projects are approved by the City, we continue to monitor permitting and construction activity within the Midtown district. We track construction progress and verify that no details are missed or modified without appropriate review and approval. Early in construction, we meet with development teams to ensure quality control and code compliance. When needed, we engage the City’s Office of Buildings to enforce regulations. 

Our organization is focused on Midtown’s future, but we revere its rich architectural history. 

As a counterweight to new development, we support local historic preservation efforts by the City’s Office of Design to preserve Midtown’s architectural and cultural heritage. Midtown features 16 protected buildings and sites, one of the highest concentrations found in the metro area. Each designated site is eligible to receive various economic incentives and participate in the transfer of development rights (TDR) of their unused excess development density elsewhere in Midtown. 

Learn about recent efforts to preserve Midtown's historic architecture.