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Clean + Green

Keeping Midtown Clean & Green

Constant care and attention by Midtown Alliance‚Äôs full-time landscaping and maintenance operation keeps the Midtown Improvement District clean and inviting. We go the extra mile to keep Midtown attractive and pride ourselves on our quick responsiveness to businesses and residents. Learn more about our operations work here

As part of our commitment to the Midtown EcoDistrict, we strive to incorporate sustainability into everything we do -- from selecting low-water plants for landscaping to incorporating green practices into our vendor contracts. Recycling cans are located throughout the district, and street lights are being converted to high-efficiency LED fixtures.

Services we provide:

  • Installing, repairing, painting and replacing hundreds of trash and recycling cans, and benches.
  • Maintenance and care for over 3,000 street trees planted throughout the district.
  • Removing more than 4,000 bags of trash annually.
  • Landscaping, planting, watering and mowing more than 30K combined SF of public medians and plazas.
  • Spring and Fall planting of beautiful annual flowers in signature spaces within the district .
  • Eliminating graffiti tags, removing flyers, and pressure washing sidewalks.
  • Working proactively with the City of Atlanta to have sidewalks repaired, potholes filled and damaged traffic signs replaced.
  • Working proactively with Georgia Power to have street lights fixed.

Call us at 404-817-0500 for assistance with maintenance issues, including when:

  • Street lighting is damaged or is not working properly.
  • Sidewalk obstructions are preventing safe pedestrian passage.
  • Trash, trees or other obstructions need to be removed from the public right-of-way.
  • Graffiti needs to be removed.
  • Trash cans or dog waste receptacles are at full capacity.

Meet the Team

Get to know the hard-working crew members who are on the ground in Midtown every day - in all types of weather conditions - to keep the district looking its best.