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Under Construction

Monthly Projects Update: April 1, 2024

Each month, we provide a construction update on our current Capital Improvement projects. See what's happening as we give you more to love about Midtown.

Projects Currently Under Construction

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1.  Juniper Complete Street

Construction mobilized within the public right-of-way in May 2023 and completed the majority of improvements on the east side of Juniper Street by February 2024. In March 2024, work shifted to portions of the west side of Juniper Street. Erosion control and traffic control maintenance is ongoing. Project contractors install daily lane closures and pedestrian detours as needed to enable safe work. General scope currently underway includes:

  1. Demolish existing curb and install new granite curb.
  2. Demolish and replace existing concrete driveway aprons that are not ADA-compliant.
  3. Demolish existing sidewalk and install new concrete sidewalk.
  4. Construct planter pits to receive new trees later in the project.
  5. Construct stormwater planters in key areas.
  6. Install conduit and foundations for new streetlights.
  7. Underground investigations throughout the project corridor to prepare for installation of new foundations for traffic signal poles. 

2.  Midtown Art Walk

Phase 1 substantial completion occurred in December 2023. Recently, a new mural and pavement markings went in at 10th Street Crosswalk. 

3. Midtown 13th Street New Traffic Signals

With an effort to create safe intersection crossings for people walking, biking, taking transit, driving, and using shareable mobility devices, three new traffic signals have been installed on 13th Street. Remaining punch list items are being finalized that the signals are currently in their 30-day burn period. 

4. Midtown Activity Center (Last Mile) Project

Five new traffic signals, two pedestrian actuated signals, and other pedestrian safety improvements are being installed at 12 intersections in Midtown. 

5. 5th Street Complete Street

Street and sidewalk conditions will be improved as bike lanes are upgraded, sidewalk and curbing is replaced, ADA ramps are installed, and pedestrian lights are added for safety.

6. Sidewalk Improvements (Annual Program)

Pictured below are two of the locations repaired by our construction forces in 2023.  Crews replaced sidewalks and installed ADA-compliant driveway aprons on the north side of 4th Street between Peachtree St and Juniper St.  Damaged sidewalk on the north side of 8th Street just west of Juniper St was replaced, as well as damaged ADA ramps, granite curb and adjacent paver furniture zones on the north side of the 8th St and Peachtree St intersection.  Three new ADA-compliant driveway aprons were constructed on 3rd St between Peachtree St and Cypress St, and on North Avenue between Peachtree St and West Peachtree St.  Other minor hardscape improvements, including grinding sidewalk trip hazards and tree well expansions were made at various locations throughout the District.

The program will continue into 2024, to help maintain and improve pedestrian mobility in Midtown.

Next Up for Construction

Midtown Alliance received construction bids for the 15th Street Extension project on June 14, 2023. The construction contract was awarded to the low bidder Reeves Young, LLC in December 2023. Construction is projected to kick off in early 2024 and have an 18-month duration.

On the Design Boards

Visit this page to learn more about parks & plazas in the works, enhancements & activation underway, and six more major capital projects in the Design or Procurement phases that are projected to be under construction within one-to-two years.

Our ongoing projects help keep Midtown safe, improve accessibility, and enhance our livability. Contact us with questions or feedback on these projects and construction updates.