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Midtown ATL

We implement projects to make getting around Midtown safe and enjoyable.

Midtown Alliance works with the Midtown Improvement District and our City and State partners to make strategic investments in transportation infrastructure projects – streetscapes, multi-modal connections, bridge enhancements, new sidewalks and bike lanes, street trees, traffic signals, street lights and furniture, parks and plazas, and other improvements.

The overarching goal of this work is to make getting around, and being in, Midtown safe and enjoyable. Our projects make Midtown a safe, vibrant, accessible, and multimodal urban district as planned for in our Midtown Transportation Plan and Blueprint Master Plan 3.0. As Midtown grows and becomes more dense with housing and jobs, we need to ensure that people who choose to walk or bike/scooter have a safe and reliable network of protected lanes, sidewalks, and street crossings. For those who drive, we are making Midtown’s street grid more accessible by converting streets from one-way to two-way traffic as well as installing traffic signals at several intersections. 


Midtown Alliance undertook its largest transportation study ever to examine district-wide mobility and create the transportation network of the future.

Through this yearlong study, and with input from thousands of people, Midtown Alliance identified strategies and developed an action plan for implementation to ensure the area’s long-term vitality, reinforce transit investments, and manage vehicle traffic while continuing to offer a quality environment for walking and biking.

Want to learn more about the challenges this plan is addressing, and stay up to date on implementation?  START HERE


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Our Projects function has identified and is actively pursuing implementation of $45M worth of physical improvements by the year 2025. Get a summary of our projects and the current phase each one is currently in.  VIEW PROJECTS


Our staff have developed innovative transportation programs and are called on regularly by transportation agencies for guidance.

The pioneering work for many years on traffic signal optimization through the Midtown Transportation Operations Program (MTOP) has yielded traffic improvements and reduced CO2 emissions. The framework developed in Midtown has grown into the regional signal optimization effort led today by the Georgia DOT. Our staff is also tapped regularly by transportation agency partners to provide expertise on projects, and Midtown Alliance played a key role in the initial conversation with the Mayor's office that led to the creation of the City of Atlanta DOT.


We're not only working to improve the transportation network, but also to help drive-alone commuters find alternatives that work for them.

Midtown Alliance’s dedicated Midtown Transportation team has been working with employers and commuters in the district since 2001 to make commuting by transit, bike, carpool, vanpool or foot easier and more convenient