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Improvements Coming to 17th Street Corridor

Upcoming changes that will prioritize safety and enjoyment between Atlantic Station and Midtown



The Current State of 17th Street Corridor: A Surplus of Pavement 

If you have ever traversed the 17th Street Corridor by car or on foot, you may recognize that it feels like an extensive, seemingly never-ending stretch of road and sidewalks. Serving as a crucial link to Atlantic Station and offering access to numerous retail choices, there is untapped potential to turn 17th Street into a place that feels safe and invites people to walk and enjoy Midtown. 

17th Street today is comprised of dedicated bus and bike lanes, access to I-75/85, and provides a link across the connector at the north end of Midtown. In recent years, 17th Street has seen significant new development along the corridor, from the mixed-use Midtown Union complex to the new Greystar multifamily residential tower with more to come. 

Although sections of the corridor support multiple modes of transportation, these choices are not currently optimized for safety or efficiency. 

Creating a Greener, Safer Vision for What 17th Street Corridor Can Become

Midtown Alliance knows the 17th Street Corridor can better serve both those who use it occasionally and daily. The ideal plan places the safety and comfort of transit users, pedestrians, and micromobility users at the forefront, while simultaneously improving safety for motorists. 

“First and foremost, this project focuses on safety,” said Julie Harlan, Transportation Project Manager at Midtown Alliance. “Whether you are a pedestrian, on a bike or in a car, the purpose of this project is to make the 17th Street Corridor more enjoyable to travel.” 

The enhancements will be implemented in two phases: the first phase focuses on improvements that can be made in the near term, while the second phase will focus on larger scale changes. Midtown Alliance is presently in the process of securing funding for the second phase of improvements.  

Phase 1

The initial stage of the 17th Street corridor improvement project focuses on improving and enhancing what exists today, with the goal of crafting a more appealing, welcoming, and environmentally conscious corridor. This may involve installing art along the pathway and incorporating plantings in the medians, ultimately improving the overall travel experience. 

Phase 2

The second phase of improvements entails comprehensive alterations to the existing infrastructure on the corridor. This may encompass: 

  • Upgrading and extending the existing bicycle infrastructure to seamlessly connect to existing and future bicycle facilities and to provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience 
  • Optimizing and improving the transit infrastructure to improve the efficiency of the existing BAT lanes 
  • Adding greenery and activation to make 17th Street an enjoyable place to be 

“For the most vulnerable road users, those on wheel or foot, this project separates you from cars and buses where currently bikes and scooters are in the street sandwiched between a bus and curb,” said Harlan. “A lot of midtown’s closest retail is in Atlantic Station so closing this very small gap will make it more enjoyable, easier to navigate, and safer for people to go to and from Atlanta Station.” 

Stay Up to Date on this Project 

For the latest 17th Street Corridor project updates, make sure to visit our projects page