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Introducing: Disco Al Fresco

Midtown’s Latest Temporary Art Installation Pays Homage to Atlanta Pride



No, it’s not a dream! Yes, Commercial Row Commons is suddenly bursting with dazzling disco vibes. 

If you’ve traveled up and down Peachtree Street recently, you may have noticed the 50 disco balls and 150 pom-poms adorning the catenary system outside of Savi Provisions (988 Peachtree St NE). Disco Al Fresco is the latest installation to use the overhead art feature that can accommodate temporary works. The catenary system previously hosted the Cracking Art swallows earlier this year.

In addition to being an incredibly vibrant and Instagrammable view, this temporary installation has a whole lot of heart behind its creation–celebrating Atlanta Pride's connection to Midtown. 

Celebrating Atlanta Pride #MidtownProud  

"Disco Al Fresco pays homage to the Atlanta Pride Festival, taking place on October 14-15 in Midtown," said Ansley Whipple, Programming and Activation Project Manager at Midtown Alliance. “We aimed to fill the plaza's sky with colors, light, and objects that resonate with celebration." 

While Pride is recognized nationally in June, in Atlanta, the Pride celebration is an annual October tradition. And the Pride Parade route passes right in front of Commercial Row Commons at the intersection of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Place. Tens of thousands gather from Midtown and beyond to celebrate community and take part in this tradition. 

“We are very proud that the largest Atlanta LGBTQ+ festival of the year happens in Midtown,” Whipple said. “Our hope is that the space adds to the festivities of the weekend and reminds people about the importance of celebrating our diverse community.” 

More Art Projects in the Works  

"When we envisioned this plaza, we decided to incorporate a catenary system to provide an extra canvas for art and decorations,” Whipple said. “When it's adorned with an installation, it enriches the plaza's character and elevates the pedestrian experience by creating an intimate ambiance." 

While Disco Al Fresco is the latest surprise at Commercial Row Commons, future plans to introduce new installations are also in development. The catenary system offers a unique canvas for showcasing various forms of art and mediums, inviting visitors, workers, and residents to sit, connect with art and one another, and enjoy some fresh air. 

Disco Al Fresco is even more captivating in person. So don't miss the chance to swing by, capture a few photos (tag us with #MidtownProud in your posts), and join us in celebrating Atlanta Pride this month! And keep your eyes peeled for more projects coming to Commercial Row Commons. According to Whipple, she and her colleagues are working with various arts groups on proposals for next year and beyond.  

Happy Pride, Midtown! 🏳️‍🌈